Top 10 Strawberry-Flavoured Korean Snacks! 🍓

Top 10 Strawberry-Flavoured Korean Snacks! 🍓 - The Daebak Company

Do you ever want a fruity-flavoured snack to eat continuously under the guise that it’s okay because of the healthy-eating illusion created by the taste of fruit? Just me?

Strawberry snacks are one of my favourites because they’re usually sweet, light, fresh, and the pink packaging is always so cute! Also, chocolate and strawberry is one of the best flavour combinations of all time.

Here’s a list of 10 favourite strawberry Korean snacks:

1. Strawberry Choco Pie

Choco Pies are a must-have among Korean snacks, and strawberry-flavoured is even better, isn’t it? It’s like a chocolate-covered strawberry!

2. Strawberry Cream Cheese Sando Biscuit Cookie

This small snack is the perfect accessory to a hot cup of tea! Reminiscent of an Oreo in appearance, the biscuits (or cookies) are buttery, flaky crackers with a delicately sweet strawberry creme in the centre. If you like the sweetness of snacks or desserts to be subtle, this is a good choice!

3. Malangcow Candy

One of our favourite candies here at SnackFever! “Malang” means soft in Korean so the snack is technically “soft cow candy” because of its fluffy texture and milky flavour. These heavenly treats are not only strawberry milk but also cotton candy-flavoured! It is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

4. Cotton Candy Gum

Get ready for an exciting strawberries and cotton candy flavour combo! This deliciously fruity cotton candy transforms into gum as you chew.

Plus, it’s Hotward-approved so it has to be good! 😂

5. Strawberry Double-Dip Pepero

You know we couldn’t leave out Pepero! These double-dipped strawberry Peperos are so good because there is a an extra layer of flavour from both creamy strawberry and white chocolate!

If you love Pepero, you can get one of our Pepero boxes here or take one of our quizzes:

6. Chocolate and Strawberry Rice Cake Pie

Is this the snack of my dreams?! It’s a chocolatey cake sandwich, like Choco Pie, but with a yummy strawberry filling, and the inside texture is similar to Japanese mochi!

7. Strawberry Mychew

This delicious candy is chewy like gum but you don’t have to worry about it sticking to your teeth since it’s soft and melts away! Mychew even has special versions with extra benefits, such as Mychew Xylitol, which is coated with xylitol, assisting in dental health. There are also Sugar-Free versions that make it possible to worry less about cavities, and for diabetic customers to enjoy.

8. Strawberry Kicker

If you enjoy the popular Kit-Kat bar, you are sure to enjoy this! Kicker is very similar with a wafer biscuit covered by sweet and creamy chocolate. This unique version is strawberry-flavoured!

9. Strawberry Milk

After all that snacking, you need a drink to wash it down! Banana Milk is a popular Korean drink, but there are more flavours than just banana to choose from. Check out this adorable packaging, and try some strawberry milk!

If you really love milk, check out our Milk Lover’s Box or take a quiz to find out which flavour you are!

10. Strawberry Milkis

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If Strawberry Milk isn’t quite your thing, try Milkis! This fizzy beverage is sure to refresh you! Milkis combines the best of refreshing water, creamy milk, and sweetness of a soda. There is a wide selection of flavours aside from their original, including strawberry!

What’s your favourite strawberry snack? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re a lover of all things cute and pink, try our Pink Box! It includes some of the delicious treats mentioned above, including the Cotton Candy Gum and Malangcow Candy!

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