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Cafe & Food Coloring Book

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We invite you to a sweet shelter for you tired of busy daily life, a secret cafe where you can dye your own color!  

When your mind is frustrated with a lot of things to do when you need a new change out of the boredom of repetitive daily life, do you want to forget everything and take a walk somewhere, even if it's not a big trip? We present you with a 《Cafe & Food Coloring Book》. Imagine walking leisurely while listening to your favorite music on the cafe street in the Cafe & Food Coloring Book, where wonderful cafes are gathered. If you follow the sweet aroma of the coffee, you will find your own secret cafe hidden like a treasure in a small street. 

From sweet cakes to savory bread to refreshing sarolds, your own secret cafe is full of delicious food! If you paint a cafe in your favorite color, the stress in your head will also fly away. For those who wish for a sweet break to relieve heavy stress, those who want to lightly empty their complex minds, let's start with the “Cafe & Food Coloring Book” that is perfect for those of you! 
Cafe & Food-Detailed Image

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