A Letter To Daebak: From Global Blog Intern Jolie

A Letter To Daebak: From Global Blog Intern Jolie - The Daebak Company

Hey Daebak Fam! I’m sad to announce that my time here at The Daebak Company as a Global Blog and SEO Intern has come to an end. I’ve been here for a little over 3 months in my Daebak internship and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since joining.

I originally joined The Daebak Company to explore my interest in creative blog writing combined with some of my most current interests: K-pop and K-dramas. As a K-pop multi-stan and avid K-drama watcher for 4+ years, when I first saw Daebak’s internship listing, I knew I had to apply immediately. 

I was so happy to be writing articles about my ult groups (can you guess my ult groups?) and other Korean interests I have throughout my Daebak Internship, and I have loved working in an industry that combined my personal interests perfectly. 

jolie tran in permission to dance concert entrance

As soon as I joined The Daebak Company, I was welcomed with the professional work culture through the virtual channels I connected with my co-workers daily. Everyone that I had the opportunity to work with during my internship gave me a safe and nurturing environment to grow professionally and personally, as I was discovering my own career interests within the fields of business. 

During my time at The Daebak Company, I got to work on my skills in blog writing, SEO, and sales, something I am super fortunate to now has experience in going forth within my business/marketing ventures. 

I also loved working with a global team. Being stationed in the US for my whole life, I really valued the time working with my team from all over the world, from South Korea to the Philippines, and even to England. 

I learned more about the work culture and lifestyles around the world while adapting to different time zones as we all worked together virtually to research and produce the best content for our readers (like you!). I’ve always wanted to work in international business and trade and I felt as though The Daebak Company was a great first stepping stone in my path towards that career goal. 

During my time as a Global Blog Intern, I’ve published around 25 articles revolving around K-culture for you all as our dedicated readers! Within all of the articles I’ve published this summer, I would say that my top 3 articles that I’ve written are “SEVENTEEN BE THE SUN Concert World Tour Kicks Off in Seoul,” “10 of the Best Kpop Idol Covers Featured on Lee Mujin Service,” and “5 Lessons The Kdrama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Taught Us About Love.” 

I feel like each of the articles encompassed my blog writing journey during my Daebak internship, from where my style of writing started (using one of my favorite kpop groups as my subject of choice) with the SEVENTEEN article to the progress made in the flow of my writing by the end of my internship with the Lee Mujin Service article. One that was more outside of my comfort zone in writing with the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha article (still of my favorite k-dramas to date). 

I would highly recommend you check those articles out, as those are the ones I’m the proudest to show off! But if you have time to check out any of my other articles from this summer, I would love it so much too :))

Overall, I really loved working in a Daebak internship this past summer and would do it again in a heartbeat. Imagine being a K-pop stan and getting real working experience for just writing about your faves? That is an absolute dream job right there. And Daebak’s best Korean working culture is extremely flexible in matching your needs and interests within the internship position to you, giving you the creative freedom to write what you are interested in, at the pace that works right for you. 

If you ever have a chance, I would highly recommend working with The Daebak Company as a future intern or employee! It’s a great place to work with its fabulous employees and a great place to hone your professional skills within the e-commerce and Korean culture business industries. I’m going to miss working with The Daebak Company, and I’m going to miss you Daebak Fam! 

Jolie Tran <3

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