Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area: EP1 release date and what we know so far

Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area: EP1 release date and what we know so far - The Daebak Company

If you’re a fan of Squid Game, Money Heist Korea is the next must-binge this coming weekend + a surprise.

Money Heist on its original version was on top bill by Netflix with massive streaming numbers since its release - which then catapulted the series to be renewed under Netflix’s umbrella. However in Fall 2021, the series was dethroned by Squid Game for the most-viewed non-English show on Netflix.

The world’s demand for kdrama, kdrama OST albums, and kpop goods has escalated over the last 10 years and fans of the show want to see it through its lens; hence the adaptation was successfully pushed through. The first half of Money Heist Korea Season 1 is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on June 24, 2022.

Here’s what we know so far about the adaptation:

Squid Game Meets Money Heist Korea

The Money Heist Kdrama was previously announced in November 2020. However details and clips from behind the scenes were uncovered in December 2021. Squid Game actor Park Hae-soo appeared in a video and revealed that he will star in the Korean adaptation as Berlin. He said:

“As an actor and as a fan of the series, I want to thank the cast and crew of Money Heist for the great series they have created. We are looking forward to sharing the Korean version of Money Heist with you in 2022.”

Similar to the original Money Heist Netflix series and the Squid Game, fans expect the red jumpsuits and masks to be an iconic fashion choice for people getting Kpop goods too!

Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area: Trailers and Plot

Money Heist Korea main casts standing

The filming for Money Heist Korea wrapped up earlier this year and the first teaser trailer was released last January 2022. Netflix officially revealed the main casts and title: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. 

Introduced in chronological order: The Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae), Berlin (Park Hae-Soo), Tokyo (Jun Jong-Seo), Moscow (Lee Won Jong), Denver (Kim Ji-Hun), Nairobi (Jang Yoon-Ju), Rio (Park Jung-Woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji-Hun), Oslo (Lee Kyu-Ho).

The first trailer shows The Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae) staring at a wall with several Korean masks hanging, mostly used on shamanistic rituals, and the iconic Salvador Dali mask that was used in the original version. The Money Heist Korea's subtle tone-setting would mean the story would carefully go through the lenses of Korean culture influence. 

The second trailer of the Money Heist Kdrama was released in May 2022, revealing more details about the plot and premise of the show. As shown in the trailer, the setting would be in dystopian Korea - with North and South unifying, creating their own government and currency. Money Heist Korea would also take its own vision about a disconnected society and social issues, which sets this differently from its original version.

The Money Heist Korea's plot seems to follow the structure of its original version - there will be a group of robbers led by the Professor who will try to pull off an elaborate heist without getting caught. However, as the trailers suggest, this will address Korea’s socio-economic conflict between both sides of the border.

The Title and Influence

The film’s title and premise appear to be heavily influenced by a South Korean mystery thriller film in 2000 titled Joint Security Area: JSA, directed by Park Chan-wook

The film, which was shot in South Korea, concerns an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fatal shooting incident within the DMZ, the heavily fortified border, separating North and South Korea. The film is also based on the novel DMZ by Park Sang-yeon.

The series will have a standard Korean show episode number, totalling to 12 episodes. With the thrilling scenes, we hope to get exciting songs and maybe piano music scores from their Kdrama OST Albums. 

Is The Original Creator, Alex Pina, Involved In The Show?

The original showrunner and part of the creative team that pulled off some of the most breathtaking sequences in the original series, Alex Pina will be taking the role for the 
Money Heist Korea as its executive producer. 

“Korean creators have been developing their own language and audiovisual culture for years. They have managed, like our series, to go beyond cultural borders and become a point of reference for thousands of viewers around the world, especially among young people. That is why I find it fascinating that the world of La Casa de Papel is so attractive to Korean creators as to do an adaptation. The fact that the action is set on the Korean Peninsula also seems to me to be a milestone which I am really delighted about.”

This project is produced by BH Entertainment and Content Zium. Heading the new cast and crew is director Kim Hong-sun, popularly known for K-dramas The Guest and L.U.C.A.: The Beginning. Screenplay writer Ryu Yong-Jae will be responsible for developing the script and coming up with the elaborate heist that will drive the show.

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