An Intro to the P1Harmony Members

An Intro to the P1Harmony Members - The Daebak Company

Meet FNC Entertainment’s newest monster rookies, P1Harmony! Find out about P1Harmony members, including discography and their upcoming comeback.

P1Harmony's Debut

The members of P1Harmony debuted on October 28th, 2020, with their album “DISHARMONY: STAND OUT,” with the title track “SIREN.” Along with the album, they are the first kpop group to ever debut with a movie! The P1Harmony movie is called “P1H: A New World Begins”. Check out the trailer linked below.

Who are the P1Harmony Members?

How many members are in p1harmony? The 6 multi-talented P1harmony consist of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. Get to know the P1harmony members’ ages, birthdays, group positions, and more information that you will surely love about the kpop group!


leader of P1harmony, Keeho
FNC​​ Entertainment

The leader and the first person announced to debut out of the P1Harmony members is Yoon Keeho (Stephen). He was born on September 27, 2001, and is currently 20 years old. 

He currently holds a vocalist position in the group, and you may have seen him in his popular performances, such as his covers of “All of Me” by John Legend and “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore” by Billie Eilish. He is the P1Harmony member fluent in English and has had many viral quotes from his Vlives.


vocalist of p1harmony members, Theo
FNC Entertainment​​

Vocalist in P1Harmony, Choi Taeyang, known as Theo, was born on July 1st, 2001, and is now 21. He was the second member of P1Harmony to be announced. 

Theo was a trainee at SM Entertainment before he switched to FNC Entertainment and joined P1Harmony! He is most known for his captivating vocals among members of P1harmony. If you hear his cover (with Keeho) of “Needy,” originally performed by Ariana Grande, you’ll see why.


Jiung, the all-rounder among the p1harmony members
FNC Entertainment​​

Choi Jiung was born on October 7th, 2001, making him 20 years old to date. He is an all-rounder among the P1harmony members as he holds Rapper, Vocalist, and Dancer positions in the group! He loves the band, CNBLUE and has wanted to be a singer ever since he had the opportunity in grade school to perform on stage at a local Korean festival.


the rapper and lyricist of P1harmony, Intak
FNC Entertainment​​

Hwang Intak was born on August 31, 2003, and is 18 years old. He was the fourth among the members of the P1harmony revealed. Intak is the lyricist for many of the raps in P1Harmony's discography and specializes in dance. 

His strong interest in fashion has gone viral for his visuals. If you are looking for a style guru, Intak is one of the P1harmony members' names you should always search for. 


Haku Shota, or Soul, from P1Harmony
FNC Entertainment​​

Haku Shota, known more widely as Soul, holds rapper and dancer positions in P1Harmony, but specializes in hip hop dance. He is Korean-Japanese and was born on February 1st, 2005, making him currently 17 years old. Soul was the fifth P1Harmony member to be announced. Out of the members of P1Harmony, he was named the most likely to survive the Squid Game with his unpredictability.


Jongseob, the maknae of P1harmony
FNC Entertainment​​

Last but not least, we have Kim Jongseob, our group's Rapper, Dancer, and Maknae. He was born on November 19th, 2005, and is 16 years old. He is also one of the P1harmony members who are prominent lyricists for the raps in P1Harmony, along with Intak.

If you are a long-time kpop fan, you may know Jongseob from Kpop Star 6, as he was the joint winner of the show during that season, under the duo "Boyfriend." He also used to be a YG trainee and was in the survival show, "Treasure Box," where the kpop group "Treasure" was formed. However, he was eliminated on episode 9 and moved to FNC Entertainment, where he debuted with P1Harmony soon after. 

P1Harmony’s First World Tour

p1harmony members on stage for their first tour P1USTAGE H: PEACE
@P1H_official on Twitter​​

The P1Harmony members finished their first tour earlier this year: “P1USTAGE H: PEACE” in March. They performed songs from their first few albums (otherwise known as the DISHARMONY trilogy, covers, and unreleased songs to P1ECE (fandom name) at stops in South Korea and the USA. Some stops included popular concert destinations including New York, Chicago, Houston, and LA.

P1Harmony’s Popular Covers and Collabs

P1Harmonys latest release, “Gotta Get Back” was just released at the end of this last May and is in collaboration with popular R&B singer and songwriter, Pink Sweat$.

The P1Harmony members have also gotten much praise for their “P1style 1 H” cover series, where they perform their own rendition of popular songs such as Conan Gray’s “Maniac” and Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u."

P1Harmony’s Upcoming Album

Now that you’ve gotten to know about the P1Harmony members, get excited for their latest comeback releasing on July 20th! They will be coming back with their new title track, “Doom Du Doom” in their 4th mini album, “HARMONY: ZERO IN”. Check out the teaser for the title track and make sure to preorder the new mini album down below today!


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