Kpop's Newest Girl Group: Lapillus, Debuts with Catchy Single "HIT YA!"

Kpop's Newest Girl Group: Lapillus, Debuts with Catchy Single

In case you haven’t heard, The Daebak Company is here to catch you up on kpop’s latest debuting group: Lapillus. However, this isn’t your typical kpop girl group debut. With their individual colors and strengths, this 6-member group is focused on showing off their powerful stages in style.

Lapillus is under MLD entertainment, coming from the same label as 2 other known names in kpop: MOMOLAND and T1419. The Lapillus members consist of Shana, Chanty, Yue, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun. With Japanese, Filipino-Argentinian, Chinese-American, and Korean members, this group is proving to be one of the most diverse groups in kpop history. 

Who are the Lapillus Members?

You may know the leader of Lapillus, Shana, as she was a contestant on Girls Planet 999 with her outstanding vocals and placed 19th in the show! She is also close with Sheon of Billlie and Hikaru in Kep1er, who also competed on Girls Planet 999. We can’t wait to see the interactions between the talented groups!

Chanty is also making kpop history herself as she is the first Filipino-Argentinian to debut in a kpop group. This multitalented queen with the “face of the group” and a vocal position within the group can speak 4 languages: Korean, English, Tagalog, and Spanish; making it easier for the group to communicate with their Filipino and Spanish-Speaking fans around the world. 

In a press conference with Philippine news outlets, Chanty explains, “I’m grateful and blessed that I’ve been given this opportunity. I’m hoping that me being able to do this…will inspire, hopefully, the young girls out there to be confident and pursue their dreams.” Chanty is already an inspiration in our eyes!

Another Lapillus member, Yue, can also speak 4 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and French. She has a Chinese-American background and holds vocal and dance positions within the group.

Bessie, Seowon, and Hauen - The maknae line of Lapillus
@officiallapillus on Instagram​​

Lapillus’ maknae line, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun are all Korean members of the group. Bessie and Seowon are both rappers for the group while Haeun holds a dance, center, and maknae position. Haeun is also the current maknae of the ENTIRE kpop industry, being the youngest person to debut in a kpop group (besides kpop youth groups) at the age of 13!

Lapillus' Debut Single: "HIT YA!"

Lapillus’s debut single “HIT YA!” starts off strong with the entrancing countdown, seamlessly transitioning to powerful backing vocals and strong electronics, leading up to Sowon’s catchy rap. You’ll probably find yourself replaying the music video on repeat!

Watch Lapillus’s debut MV here! Who is your bias out of the 6 Lapillus members? Or are you already a true OT6 fan? Tell us down below!

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