Jay B's EP Be Yourself Album Review: Happy, Fun, and Free

Jay B's EP Be Yourself Album Review: Happy, Fun, and Free - The Daebak Company

Got7’s Jay B just released his second solo EP BE Yourself. He’s back and happier than ever! This is also his first album with his new company, Cdnza records, since leaving H1gher Music. Although the total run time of this album is less than 20 minutes, he still managed to fill it with various genres and vibes. However, all the songs fit the overarching theme of freedom and fun. Let’s take a look at Jay B’s new album!

EP Be Yourself

go Up

Go Up is the title track for the album. It is fun, funky, and a great start to the album. The song is all about having a good time living life. The vocals are amazing as well. In true Jay B fashion, he displays his vocal range and hits some impressive high notes.

Its accompanying music video is lively and bright. In it, we see people skating and dancing. Jay B even breaks out some b-boy moves! The music video is somewhat reminiscent of the 90s or early 2000s. 

Break It Down

Break It Down features SIK-K, making it the album's only collab and the most versatile. It starts quite light and happy-go-lucky; however, when the beat drops, it becomes quite strong and intense. It is a fun song with the energy of determination.


Livin’, composed in part by JUNNY, is the perfect song to bop your head to. It’s light, carefree, and encourages living life without worry. In other words, YOLO.

The Way We Are

The song stands out from the other songs on the album for its R&B vibe and flows with confidence. The Way We Are is about forgetting about the pain of the past and looking for a brighter tomorrow.

Jay B standing and smiling with head down
@jaybnow_hr onTwitter​​

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of youth is a song about friendship. It speaks about the importance of friendship and the positive feelings that it can bring into your life. Time spent with friends is rejuvenating and exhilarating.


Holyday is a bit slower than the rest of the songs. However, the backing vocals and instruments have a gospel influence that helps JayB take us to church in this song. It’s a comforting song meant to make you feel good. It’s like a musical mantra of positivity.

This album was fun, free, and a great reminder to be yourself! If you’re on the hunt for Jay B’s new album, a Got7 album, or any other Kpop album then look no further. The Daebak Kpop shop has got you covered! Our online Kpop store has albums, merch, and so much more!


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