BTS Jin The Astronaut Album: An Enlistment Farewell and Lasting Gift for ARMYs

BTS Jin The Astronaut Album: An Enlistment Farewell and Lasting Gift for ARMYs - The Daebak Company

Shortly after k-pop group, BTS lit the stage on fire for their Yet To Come concert, held as a bid for the city of Busan to hold the World Expo in 2030. After the iconic concert, the announcement of BTS member Jin being the first of his group to enlist in the military before the end of the year made headline news worldwid

The members of their fandom, ARMYs, were understandably sad. Even though many knew that the time for the members to complete their mandatory service was upon them, swallowing the reality of group activities ending in 2025 was hard.

The members of BTS hold their fandom, ARMY, close to their hearts, and the issue of them serving their mandatory military enlistment has always been something they have told their fans that they want and are willing to complete. Still, they also acknowledge how hard it will be to be away from their fans for a long time and vice versa. Jin continued to show how much his fans mean to him and reassured them that he would be back with the release of his debut solo single album, The Astronaut

Jin The Astronaut Album

A photo of k-pop group BTS member Jin from his "The Astronaut" Concept Photo Sketch.
Image from Weverse​​

Released on October 28th, 1pm KST(11am EST), the single album entitled The Astronaut is the first official single and album for the singer. He is the second member of his group BTS to release their official solo project, with J-Hope being the first with his release of the album Jack In The Box

The album includes one single: The Astronaut. There are two different versions of the album to choose from; the first features a purple galaxy design and the second features the same design but in a highlighter green color.

Each version of the album has its own variation of a photobook, CD, postcard, poster, and one random photocard out of 4 designs featuring Jin's signature on one side and a photo of World Wide Handsome on the other. Other inclusions featured in both albums are a lyric card, a graphic sticker, and 2 random seal stickers of 8 designs. 

Where can I Get Jin's The Astronaut album?

If you missed out on pre-ordering Jin's The Astronaut album, no worries, The Daebak Company has you covered. You can grab both versions of Jin's album as a set or if you can't decide which version of the album to get, you can choose to receive a random one.

The Astronaut Music Video

With the release of BTS Jin's The Astronaut album came a music video for the single that left fans with a bittersweet feeling about his impending enlistment.  

The music video starts off dramatically with Jin sitting on top of a hill in a well-tailored suit, watching an alien spaceship burning off in the distance in front of him. Jin is actually playing an extraterrestrial himself, and the spaceship was one he was on before it crashlanded into Earth.

It then pans off to a scene where Jin sits in his bedroom, on his bed, doing a crossword puzzle. This scene is reminiscent of the fact that although Earth is not his home, he has found comfort in the small things around him, making it feel like home. It's a metaphor for Army. Jin had no idea that he would find so much love and comfort in Army. 

You'll catch a familiar face on his tv screen with Chris Martin, lead singer from Coldplay, appearing as the news anchor who is reporting on a mysterious beam of light that was spotted in the city. Jin looks out the window and notices the light himself. The light represents his way to get back home.

Jin gets dressed in a black suit and puts on a black helmet before walking outside, where he encounters a young girl on her bike. One could assume that he is wearing all black because he is leaving all of the things he's grown to love on Earth, and in a metaphorical sense, he is about to leave Army to go to his military service.

He then puts the helmet on her before running toward the city to look for the beam of light. He originally put on the helmet to protect himself but took it off to protect Army because Army is worth protecting to him. While walking through the city, he encounters an astronaut on the sidewalk. He walks up to it and peers curiously into the visor of the astronaut's helmet.

Then we get a new scene of Jin pedaling through a desert on a bike as it flips back and forth to a scene of him helping to teach the little girl he saw before how to ride her bike. This part of the music video can be seen as how Jin has fostered his relationship with the Army over the years. 

BTS Jin finally happens upon the mysterious beam of light he saw earlier, coming from the spaceship we saw at the beginning of the music video, but this time it's not crashed nor on fire. It's actually waiting on him so it can take him home.

The beam of light leaves a twinkle in his eye, and the camera zooms into it to give the viewer a lovely scene of Jin standing amongst a purple galaxy full of stars. Later in the video, Jin traces a shooting star with his finger that flies across the galaxy. The stars and the galaxy have always held a special meaning to BTS and Army, which you can see in their songs "Mikrokosmos" or "My Universe."

We are then taken back to Jin playing with the little girl, where she drags him through a water sprinkler and later presents him with a drawing she made of the two of them. They also take photos together on a Fujifilm Instax mini polaroid camera. This quite easily translates to all the memories Army have made with BTS and Jin.

We're brought back to Jin standing in front of the spaceship, and the beam of light disappears as the spaceship takes off from the ground. Once the beam of light disappears, Jin turns and runs to the road to hitchhike in the back of a pickup truck. Jin has chosen not to return home because he has found a new home on Earth with Army, and he will always find his way back to them.

A photo of k-pop group BTS member Jin from his "The Astronaut" Concept Photo Sketch.
Image from Weverse​​

This idea is only reinforced when Jin presents another of the little girl's drawings, a picture of the earth, and says "HOME" on it. 

The video ends with Jin riding in the back of the pickup with the sunset in the background before it pans back to Jin back in his bedroom, completing the crossword puzzle with the word "FAMILY." Army will always be family to him.

This video was a true tribute to Army from Jin and a sweet reminder that no matter where he goes in life, he will always find his way back to Army, because that is where his home is. Army is where his heart is.

Jin Performs "The Astronaut" with Coldplay in Argentina

A pleasant surprise to BTS fans was the announcement of Jin traveling to Argentina to perform his debut solo single The Astronaut for the first time live.

Shortly after the news of Jin's enlistment broke headlines, rumors of his debut solo project being a collab with Coldplay began to surface. It was later confirmed that Jin's single to be released was a song gifted to him by Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay. 

Chris later invited Jin to fly to Argentina on the release date of his solo single to perform The Astronaut during Coldplay's "MUSIC of the SPHERES Tour". A global theater live-streaming and delayed-streaming were available for fans to purchase tickets to enjoy. If you missed out on seeing the performance you can catch it on BTS's youtube channel BANGTAN TV or Weverse

Chris Martin told the story on stage during his Buenos Aires concert that he invited Jin to perform at, about the time Jin called him to let him know that he would be having to leave for his mandatory military service and he needed help to create a song to say goodbye to his fans. The original song was written in English and after receiving the song, Jin rewrote the first verse in Korean. Jin later revealed that the night before he was to record the song, Chris Martin encouraged him to rewrite the second verse in Korean as well. 

Army was sure to come out to support Jin during his performance at Coldplay's concert. The crowd was filled with Army bombs and the camera frequently panned over to fans that were singing every word alongside Jin. Fireworks exploded overhead the stage while Jin danced and sang around the stage with Chris Martin providing supporting vocals and guitar for Jin. They even shared a moment of singing from a single mic together.  

The rest is truly history as fans have watched their friendship blossom since Coldplay's collab with BTS for the hit song "My Universe," which was performed live together for the first time during day 4 of BTS's Permission To Dance: On Stage in LA concerts in 2021.

Jin Astronaut BTS Merch

Jin going away to complete his military service is bittersweet for sure, but let The Daebak Company make your time waiting for his return to group activities a little bit sweeter by stocking you up on all the Jin BTS merch you may have missed out on. 

Jin Electronics

The Daebak Company has a ton of electronic accessories featuring Jin that will allow you to keep Jin right in your pocket. 

Grab this super cute Jin TinyTAN BUTTER Light Up Case that will light up your phone like Jin's smile lights up your life. They offer versions for many of the recent iPhones and Galaxy Note phones. The Daebak Company also offers a Jin Sweet Time Light Up Case as well as a Jin TinyMart Light Up Case

Get a matching Jin TinyTAN Butter AirPods Series Case or a Jin TinyTan Butter Galaxy Buds Series Case. Apple Army fans, go ahead and complete your Butter collection with a Jin TinyTAN Butter Apple Watch Strap.

Sleepy Time with Jin

Want a little piece of Jin you can hold on to while he's gone during his enlistment time? Cover your favorite pillow with this Jin TinyTAN Sweet Dreams Cushion Cover so you can snuggle a sleepy Jin as you dream about attending the first concert BTS has when they resume group activities. 

This Jin TinyTAN Butter Acrylic Mood Light is a perfect addition to your room decor that allows for a soft glow of light to lull you to sleep.

Grab pieces from Jin's ARTIST-MADE Collection by BTS from Daebak. Snuggle up in pajamas designed by Jin, featuring two designs: Bad Day and Good Day. Don't forget to complete your ARTIST-MADE collection by grabbing the BTS JIN Pillow which is also featured in the two mentioned designs. 

Jin Puzzle and Paintings

Looking for ways to pass the time until 2025? Grab this Jin BTS Proof Frame Jigsaw Puzzle. After you put it together, you can display it in the frame that is included within the packaging design. Army won't judge you if you have to blow him a kiss every time you pass by him in your room.

Try out a DIY Painting of Jin with this TinyTAN version or this BTS Character version where you can turn your tears for Jin into beautiful artwork. 

Cubic paintings have become popular recently so why not hop on the trend and create a masterpiece with tiny diamonds that form a picture of Jin holding a rose? There's even a second version of the BTS cubic paintings with Jin holding a strawberry he's about to devour.


If you missed out on BTS 2022 DALMAJUNG merch, The Daebak Company still has it! Add this Jin Lenticular Photo to your photocard collection as well as this Jin acrylic stand that would fit perfectly on your desk.

Jin Accessories

Add some of Jin's personal style to your wardrobe so you can have a piece of him wherever you go. This Grape Necklace worn by Jin would go great with any outfit. 

You can match Jin with this Madeleine Ring, featured in a gold or silver color.  Looking for a ring worn by Jin with a bit more sparkle to it? This MIKSHIMAI Candy Candy Ring is a sweet treat to remind you of sweet Jin. 

These cute Jin TinyTAN Butter hair clips will show everyone who your bias is in BTS. 

Bag looking a little plain these days? These Jin Metal Pin badges will give your bag a fresh look. Complete your BTS Jin pin collection with these Jin TinyTan Butter Rubber Pin Badges

About BTS Jin

Born Kim Seokjin, Jin is the oldest member of the k-pop group BTS at 29 years old. He was the fourth member to join BTS and will be the first member of the group to enlist in the military to fulfill his mandatory service requirement. His smooth vocals have placed him on the vocal line within the group and are often lent to original soundtrack(OST) songs for popular k-dramas like Jirisan and Hwarang

He is known by his fandom Army as "World Wide Handsome". He is also well known for his cooking show turned mukbang series: Eat Jin. Some of his popular solo songs include Mood, Epiphany, and Awake

Image from Weverse​​

If you're still feeling pretty bummed about Jin's enlistment, check out some more BTS content from The Daebak Magazine where you'll be reminded of all the good times they've given Army and what's yet to come for when the group returns to group activities in 2025. 


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