Kpop Random Play Dance: An Exciting Experience For Kpop Fans And Aspiring Idols

Kpop Random Play Dance: An Exciting Experience For Kpop Fans And Aspiring Idols - The Daebak Company

Have you ever seen a crowd singing and dancing to kpop songs at a park or in the middle of the street? That’s what kpop random play dance is, a fun way for Kpop fans to show off their dance power and abilities to the rhythm of the music. Like the Flashmob (a group of people that carry out an entertainment activity in a public place), kpop random play dance is an event where you can dance to multiple and random kpop songs.

What is Kpop Random Play Dance?

Kpop random play dance does not need you to rehearse or join a dance cover group and participants. If you can do it alone and show your abilities you have while the public looks, you can launch a kpop random play dance event. 

History of Kpop Random Play Dance

Its beginnings are located in convention centers or traditional dance competitions; however, there is no exact date or intellectual author of this practice since it was until 2015 that the oldest record of this experience was obtained by Taiyou Con. Nevertheless, this fun practice jumped out to a big challenge: lose the shame and dance in public. 

Like every trend, Kpop random play dance started to be present in many countries worldwide. Not only streets were the leading stage for its spectacular show, but you can also see it at festivals, parties, and meetings, as a symbol of entertainment and healthy coexistence for attendees.

To the surprise of many, some idols have participated in this activity. On one occasion, SEVENTEEN member Hoshi surprised his fans in Newark by dancing and sharing these remix songs with the audience. 

In the same way, in one of The Game Caterers episodes, all Hybe artists were playing and dancing on Dynamite song by BTS, a true show for their fans.

Top 5 Kpop Songs In Kpop Random Dance Play

K-pop is one of the most innovative forms of music, drawing from sub-genres and eras worldwide to create their own sound. Of course, Kpop fans always have new content to enjoy. Kpop idol groups and soloists typically release new music every couple of months, bringing top-notch videos and music show performances each comeback. 

For any K-pop newbie who doesn't know where to start (because there are a lot of songs), here are the top 5 most essential songs for a Kpop random dance play.

I can’ stop me - Twice

Written for Twice's second album, Eyes Wide Open (2020), as the lead single. The track's lyrics describe the boundaries of the good and bad of unmanageable desires.

Thunderous - Stray Kids

Noeasy was the second studio album released on August 23, 2021. A comeback came with the song Thunderous, a song full of energy with a clear message: we are here to make our sounds known. 

Mic Drop - BTS

Mic Drop is a song recorded in two languages (Korean and Japanese), the seventh song from the 4th mini-album, LOVE YOURSELF: Her (2017). The song talks about all the achievements BTS has and replies to all their haters. 

Rollin - Brave Girls

Published on March 7, 2017, as the lead single from the EP with the same name. This is a dance song with a very catchy chorus of Brave Girls. The rhythm immediately introduces you to a memorable and energetic choreography with a success that has taken possession stronger than ever.

Loco - ITZY

As the lead single for ITZY's first album on September 24, 2021, Loco is a neo fusion track that combines elements of Groove, Latin dance, Moombahton, and trap sounds. The song expresses the roller coaster of emotions involved with love.

Where Can You Do A K-pop Random Dance Play In Public?

Remember that rules/laws about public meetups vary depending on where you live. Some places may allow you to "just show up," and in others, you'd have to go through a board or meetings, fill out a form, and get approval first. So it's better to research your local laws and regulations before planning anything.

This Kpop event is becoming very popular in different countries and communities. And it is seen that all the participants have a lot of fun. Even if you don't know many K-Pop choreographies, it will still be a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to meet people who share a passion for Korean culture and dance.

Let us know which kpop songs you would like to dance to or listen to in a Kpop random play dance! Visit The Daebak Company, your favorite kpop store, to buy the latest kpop merch and kpop albums from your favorite idols.


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