4 Best Holiday Light Festivals in Korea

4 Best Holiday Light Festivals in Korea - The Daebak Company

Every year, South Korea is the place to be if you want to see gorgeous sculptures, scenes, and landscapes… all made out of lights! It’s time to grab your scarves and hats and enjoy the beautiful light festivals in Korea.

From animal themes to popular Korean structures, all light festivals in Korea have their own unique vibe. Below is a Korean travel guide with just a few of the best places to go during your next holiday getaway.

4 Best Holiday Light Festivals in Korea

1. Seoul Lantern Festival or Seoul Cheonggyecheon Christmas Festival

What is the most popular festival in South Korea? Discover one of the most popular light festivals in South Korea first! Starting with the most densely populated and popular city in South Korea- Seoul. The center of the country that hosts millions of travelers every year is one of the busiest cities in the world.

With the Hallyu movement bringing kpop fans and Korean culture enthusiasts from all over the world, the Seoul Lantern Festival has become a popular stop during the holidays.

Seoul's beautiful dazzling holiday lights are displayed from Mid-December to New Year’s Eve. 

The light festival Korea reflects off the small river they are placed over, spanning over a kilometer. With various lights and paper lantern sculptures, this free event is a must for a beautiful walk through Seoul.

A present awaits you at the end of your walk... A large, lit Christmas tree is a popular spot to take photos and enjoy the holiday spirit all around.

To find out more information and see a sneak peek of what’s to come for this years display follow @seoullanternfestival on Instagram!

2. Herb Island Light Festival in Pocheon

Next we are taking our Korean travels to Pocheon, South Korea.

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We have arrived in Pocheon, in Gyeonggi-do, for the popular Herb Island Light Festival. With a Mediterranean theme that is sure to be the perfect backdrop for stunning photos and a romantic walk, you’ll want to make sure this goes on your own Korean travel guide as a stop.

The Herb Island Festival shares colorful lights designed for different parts of nature. With pathways decorated in LED light carriages, presents, and fairy lights, it’s no surprise this magical location is the place to go to propose in South Korea during the winter.

Even if you want to go with family or friends, Herb Island Light Festival will have you in your own holiday fairytale setting.

To see photos and learn more about this light festival in Korea, follow Herb Island on Instagram @herbisland_korea.

3. Little Prince Light Festival of Petit France

We are hitting the road again and headed to Petit France in Gapyeong-gun.

For this part of your Korean travels, you’ll want to enjoy a cup coffee to keep you warm as this light festival is up from December to March which tend to be the coldest parts of the year in South Korea.

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The Little Prince Light Festival is unique as it takes place in Petit France Park, a little village modeled after small villages in France and Italy. With pastel painted houses, cherubs, and male sculptures all around, you will feel like you have been dropped into the middle of a small town in France.

This light festival in Korea also has other attractions besides the beautiful fairy twinkling lights. While visiting, you can enjoy marionette performances, magic shows, and a wish tree event.

This cute village has also been the filming location for kdrama One Spring Night and boasts popular characters from the child fairytale Pinocchio.

To find out more about this unique experience and little village follow @petit_france_korea on Instagram.

4. Light Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm

We are ending this Korean travel guide at one of Korea's most beautiful and unique light festivals. The Light Festival of The Garden of the Morning Calm is one of South Korea's oldest and first light festivals that combines nature and environmentally friendly LED lights.

Held in December until Mid-March, this is another location you will want to make sure you are dressed warm enough for.

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If there is one light festival you make it to during your Korean travels, The Garden of the Morning Calm has to be it. With lights covering over 330 thousand square meters and a light show that lasts almost two hours, this is sure to be a highlight on your trip through South Korea.

Add The Garden of the Morning Calm to your Korean travel guide and follow the garden’s Instagram @morningcalm_garden.

They share stunning views of the garden during the day and at night, with each picture making you yearn to have your own moment in this fantasy like garden.

With so many places to explore, you can stay in Seoul or head to Gyeonggi-do to enjoy the holidays surrounded by friends, family, and beautiful fairytale lights.

To find more exciting places to explore while traveling South Korea during the Autumn or Winter check out the blogs below. And don’t forget to subscribe to a SnackFever box so you can enjoy seasonal Korean snacks all year round.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!


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