Hallabong: The Jeju Flavor You Didn't Know You Needed

Hallabong: The Jeju Flavor You Didn't Know You Needed - The Daebak Company

Other than Matcha, there is one flavor I grew addicted to while in Korea: Hallabong (한라봉).

What is Hallabong?

It is a citrus hybrid that grew on Jeju Island in 1998 and tastes similar to Mandarin. The best part is that the flavor is incredibly versatile! It tastes amazing in so many forms and goes with many other flavors.

Here's a list of the best ways to create sweet Korean snacks and other Korean food with Hallabong. 

1. Hallabong and Matcha

Starting off with my absolute favorite flavor combination! The bitter earthy taste of matcha pairs well with the bright, fresh citrus fruit. It is a beautiful combination I discovered at Osulloc, South Korea’s largest tea brand with store-like cafes all over the country.

One of my favorite sweet Korean snacks and drinks at Osulloc stores is the Fresh Hallabong Green Tea, a lovely green tea slushie with a generous scoop of Hallabong puree slushie.

2. Hallabong Juice

I tasted Korean food for the first time on the plane to Korea, and once I arrived, I immediately headed straight to a convenience store to grab a big bottle during my stay. It's sweet, slightly tart, light, refreshing, and basically liquid gold.

Here is a Hallabong drink you can get today!

Hallabong Tangerine Real 100% Premium Juice

Get a taste of hallabong paired with your Korean snacks with the Hallabong Tangerine Real 100% Premium Juice! It is sweet and tangy, just like the fruit. The juice is also made from the hallabong on Jeju Island, so getting this one does only give you sweet Korean snacks at home, but you also have a piece of the Jeju Island experience with you

3. Hallabong and Chocolate

Honestly, what doesn’t go with chocolate?! Hallabong, like many other citrus fruits closely related to orange, also works perfectly with one of the top Korean food: chocolate. Two really good sweet Korean snacks to check out are white chocolate and Hallabong crunch snacks and Hallabong chocolates!

The chocolates come in different shapes and are filled in different ways. The Hallabong crunches are small cylinders dipped in Hallabong-flavored white chocolate.

Here is a choco-hallabong snack to get from our store!

Jeju Dochaebi Citrus Cookie Stick

If you want a mix of chocolate goodness and hallabong orange, the Jeju Dochaebi Citrus Cookie Stick is the perfect snack! Each stick is individually wrapped so you can bring a snack or share some with your friends. 

4. Hallabong Tea

If you've ever had Yuja tea, you would know that it has bits of fresh peel steeping into your cup of tea. Hallabong tea is the same! You just put a scoop of the jam-like mixture into your cup with boiled water, and BAM! 

The taste is like a cup of orange-flavored Yuja. Pair it with a Korean traditional snack, and you have the perfect combination for an afternoon tea. 

Here are a couple of Hallabong flavored teas you should try today! 

Jeju Hanlabong Tea

One of the teas in our Korean food shop is the Jeju Hanlabong Tea! It is packed with vitamin C. The sweet and sour taste offers you a taste of the Hallabong fruit. Since they come in stick packaging, you can take one anywhere!

There are a couple of ways to enjoy Jeju Hanlabong Tea. Mix it with cold and hot water for a summer or winter drink! How about pouring it into carbonated water or cider to create a refreshing Hallabong ade at home? You can also use it as a substitute for your toast's jam or add it to yogurt to make it taste refreshing!

Jeju Hallabong Tea

Paired with a Korean traditional snack, you can choose the Jeju Hallabong Tea! Pour it into 100ml hot water for cold winter nights or upgrade your summer carbonated drink with the Jeju Hallabong Tea. It also works as a jam for your bread and cookies!

5. Hallabong Bingsu

You can't have such a bright summer flavor without making it a bingsu! The Korean traditional snack is the best way to get your Hallabong fix. The ice cream, fresh bits of Hallabong, shaved ice, dehydrated slice of fruit, and almonds all go perfectly together!

Just look at how delicious it looks! You can't do sweet Korean snacks this summer without the lovely Hallabong bingsu.

The Daebak Company offers Korean traditional snack varieties with a mix of Hallabong! Go for sweet Korean snacks or ones for drinks.

Which Hallabong Korean food combo do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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