The Three T’s: Travel, Tips & Tricks – Part 2

The Three T’s: Travel, Tips & Tricks – Part 2 - The Daebak Company

Welcome to part 2! of this travel series. Now you know a little bit about how to get around Korea, there is a lot more to know than just places to travel, words to speak, etc. Let get straight to it!

The first thing you should do when you just arrive in Korea is to grab a T-money card

This is essentially your holy grail of travelling to and from places. You use it on taxis, trains, busses, literally anything except for walking though. How do I get them? You can pretty much find these at any convenience stores. There are over hundreds of these cards in different styles from plain and simple to kakao friends’ type.

Korea doesn’t really have large bath towels like other countries.

Korea tends to use small towels that are super absorbent but aren’t big at all. If you are used to the large bath towels, I would definitely recommend bringing one from home just in case.

If you are there in the summer, definitely utilize the handheld fans from Daiso.

These hand-held fans are super convenient and saves me from being covered in a puddle of sweat. They are travel friendly and does last for a long time.

If you are a student and in dying need to get out of studying the library or room, head over to one of the Korean Bathhouses

These places are amazing for a small entrance fee. You can spend hours there studying, sleeping, or going in one of the saunas to relax your mind. You get a key to a locker and a set of shirt and pants to change into which are surprisingly comfy. First off, you bathe before going in the saunas and then you bathe again before you leave.

Tight on budget, fear no more! Korea has small restaurants that are packed with amazing food for cheap!

Some Korean full meals could turn out to be on $5 -$6 maybe even less depending on what you get. So do a bit of research on cheap Korean restaurants around the Sinchon or Hongdae area.

That's it for this part of the Three T's! Stay tune for Part 3 where we dive into the world of Kpop!

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