Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket - Daebak
Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket - Daebak

Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket

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It is a cultural product developed to meet modern demands by utilizing traditional patterns used in palace architecture and everyday accessories used in the palace, allowing you to familiarly experience the aesthetics of our ancestors in our daily life.

  • Peony Gate - This is a practical product that developed and applied a pattern by combining a pattern that symbolizes the meaning of auspicious goods in the Joseon Dynasty in a variety of colors and compositions.
  • Swastika - This is a knitted blanket developed and applied with a modern graphic pattern of the swastika of the flower wall of Jagyeongjeon, which symbolizes good luck and good fortune.

What's Inside

  • Component: (1) Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket
  • Size: 100×75,±5cm
  • Material: Polyester

Palace Excursion Knitted Blanket

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