LIGHTSUM - Into The Light (1st Mini Album) - Daebak

LIGHTSUM - Into The Light (1st Mini Album)

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Release date is May 25, 2022.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Orders containing pre-order items will be held until all items are released and available to ship together. There is also a slight chance that items may be out of stock during the pre-order period.

You will receive a random version of this album.

Each album includes 

  • Sleeve Package
  • Booklet - 84p
  • CD
  • Lyric Paper - 
  • Photocard - Random (1 out of 8)
  • Scratch Card - Random (1 out of 8)
  • Mini Poster - Random (1 out of 8)
  • ID Card - Random (1 out of 8) *Pre-order only, included until supplies last. Only the initial quantity is made with plastic cards*
  • Poster -  *Pre-order only, folded, included until supplies last*
LIGHTSUM - Into The Light (1st Mini Album)

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