Your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas presents illuminated by Christmas lights strung onto a Christmas tree.

With life getting in the way, the holiday season sneaks up on us every year, and we scramble around looking for gifts for all of our loved ones. With so many holiday gift guides floating around the internet, it's easy to get lost amongst them and just pick whatever first piques our interest instead of choosing a truly unforgettable gift.

Still looking for that perfect gift to give this holiday season? Your search is over with Daebak's 2022 Holiday gift guide. You're guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list that will be unique and truly loved.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Specials

The Daebak Company offers many cute holiday-themed items that you'll definitely want to include under the tree this year

Add a dancing Christmas tree to your holiday decor that also plays music to get you in a festive mood! It comes with an added bonus of a free duck snowball maker, which is always super popular in Korea in the wintertime. 

Pair your dancing Christmas tree with a Kakao Friends Secret of Christmas mood light to give your home a warm glow to set that cozy holiday atmosphere.

Grab a super cute Kakoa friends Cookie Socks doll ornament as a gift for someone you love that they can use for years to come! It even includes a little snap button to close the stocking so you can add an additional treat! 

Suppose you have a loved one who is really into cute Korean characters or Kakao friends. In that case, you can get them this cute Kakao Friends My Christmas Cookies advent calendar, so they can count down the days to Christmas with super cute ornaments and yummy sweet treats! 

As a special gift given out during the holiday season, the Daebak fam will be given a free pair of holiday socks with your order, so order soon before they run out!

Daebak Special present socks as part of your holiday gift guide

Check out more of Daebak's Christmas specials to choose a special gift for your special someone. 

K-Pop Merch

K-Pop fans will rejoice when you hand them over a Christmas gift that includes one of their favorite k-pop artists or groups. The Daebak Company has an official k-pop merch shop that features so many artists so you'll find exactly what you'll need to make them squeal with excitement when opening their gift from you. 

Monsta X's new mini album Reason is up for preorder and Daebak has all the versions of it! You know the k-pop fans in your life want to collect all the photocards so grab them a Cassette Tape version, the 5-Set Jewel Version, and the KiT version.

You can also find the latest k-pop merch and k-pop albums from other k-pop artists such as NewJeans, NCT, BTS, and Blackpink, which make perfect stocking stuffers for the holiday season. 

#1 2023 Seasons Greetings

Seasonings Greetings are some of the most popular k-pop merch items this year and a perfect gift option for the k-pop fan in your life. The Daebak Company has many artists to choose from for the 2023 Season's Greetings. Each Season's Greetings comes with loads of content, behind the scene footage, and collectibles like photo cards and posters. 

See which artist tempts you the most or go with your loved ones' fave when choosing between artists' Season's Greetings packages such as Pentagon, THE BOYZ, Oh My Girl, and TXT

#2 K-Characters

Korea has some of the cutest character merch! With brands like Kakao Friends and Line Friends having their own line of Korean characters and then helping popular k-pop groups create their own Korean characters, there are so many cute little faces to choose from!

BTS fans have so many fun options to choose from when it comes to Korean characters. Check out BT21, BT21 minini, TinyTAN, and BTS character merch

Monsta X fans have Twotuckgom for their Korean characters, CCREW for Cravity, TRUZ for Treasure, and SKZOO for Stray Kids. 

Even a cute Korean character acts as a mascot for the popular soju brand Jinro, the Asiatic Toad

Check out all the Korean characters The Daebak company has to offer here

Korean Snacks

Who doesn't want a gift you can eat? Korean snacks are the perfect way to give someone a little piece of Korean culture while also satisfying their tummy with a bit of yumminess!

Stay warm this holiday season with a rice latte or a spicy snack of Samyang Hot Chicken Crab chips.

Do your loved ones have more of a sweet tooth? They'll love these exclusive Jeju Island Green Manadarin Pies and these Hershey mandarin sandwich cookies!

Get the ultimate holiday gift of Korean snacks with the Snackfever box! It comes with 8-11 of the hottest Korean snacks, and if you're really feeling generous, you can get your loved one or even yourself a subscription to the Snackfever box to have a new package of Korean snacks every month!

K-Beauty Must Haves

The winter months of the holiday season can be so harsh on your skin, but you'll never know with some Korean beauty staples added to your makeup bag.

Keep yourself and your loved ones looking the best during this holiday season with k-beauty items like BTS x AMOREPACIFIC Lip Sleeping masks, CLIO's Pro Eye Palette that comes with a Melting Sheer lippy, or this Hydro Callogen gift set that comes with a special TENZERO product. 

Get lost in all the fantastic k-beauty products here and fill your cart before the best stuff is sold out!

2023 Diaries

The new year means new beginnings and a chance to start with a clean slate. Start fresh with a new 2023 Diary where you can write down your goals for the new year and keep track of your day-to-day life. 

Korean Jewelry

K-jewelry is a great gift that won't break the bank. The Daebak Company features jewelry that will have the k-pop fan in your life excited to have the same pieces worn by their favorite artists. Check out this freshwater pearl choker worn by Red Velvet's joy or this dice necklace worn by BTS's RM, and you can't miss these gorgeous silver moonstone earrings worn by STAYC. 


Korean lifestyle is a culmination of everyday products you can't get anywhere else but in Korea. The Daebak Company can send them to your doorstep almost anywhere in the world. So why not gift some Korea-exclusive items to your loved ones this holiday? 

Check out some travel items for your next trip to Korea, home and living goods to make your home super cozy, and apparel that you can find in tiny tucked-away boutiques in the side street alleys of Korea. 


Some of the best works of art come from Korea through music, k-dramas, and books. The Daebak company has a wide variety of k-content that will pique the interest of the person you're shopping for this holiday season. 

For the K-drama lover in your life, Daebak has so many OST albums to choose from, including Big Mouth, Curtain Call, and Alchemy of Souls

Curl up in front of the fireplace this holiday season with a script book from one of your favorite k-dramas like The Penthouse, SKY Castle, or the recently famous Extraordinary Attorney Woo

And if you have a book lover to shop for that's looking for a new book series to get lost in, The Villainess is a Marionette Manhwa Set is perfect. It tells the tale of a beautiful princess named Kayena whose own brother uses her to secure his spot on the throne. 

Add to their bookshelf some of BTS member RM's favorite books: I Want to Die But I want to Eat Tteokbokki and Almond

Still trying to figure out what to get as a gift for someone this holiday season? 

Daebak's Santa Sack may be precisely what you're looking for! It comes with a little bit of everything: a cute plushie or kitchen sponge, 2 Korean snacks, 2 k-beauty items perfect for the wintertime, 3 stationary items featuring adorable Korean characters, jewelry or a hair accessory, and a fabric perfume. These fantastic items are then wrapped in a colorful reusable bag!

The Daebak Box is another excellent gift-giving option that includes k-pop/k-drama goodies, k-beauty products, k-snacks, k-lifestyle items, and a copy of our Daebak Magazine. This box can also be ordered as a subscription that sends out one box every season that features seasonal items. 

As an additional perk of being a Daebak box subscriber, you get an exclusive member discount that can be used to shop for more amazing Korean merch at The Daebak Company!

discounts for annual subscriber and seasonal subscriber for the holiday gift guide

The holidays are a time for relaxing, spending time with family and loved ones, and having fun. You'll have one less thing to worry about with Daebak's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

When you're done with your holiday shopping, indulge in some light reading about the holiday season in Korea with The Daebak Magazine




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