Four Reasons to Visit South Korea in Autumn

Four Reasons to Visit South Korea in Autumn - The Daebak Company

Korea is one of the most magical and admired countries in Asia. Its beautiful culture makes us want to visit every little corner, where we'll find big surprises. As we all know, Korea has four seasons, and in every season, we can see its unique attraction for travelers and locals. 

South Korea in autumn offers cool and wonderful changes in the atmosphere, an incredible show to see when vibrant green turns to a rich palette of red, orange, and yellow.

Excited to know more about autumn in Korea? Get to know the best reasons why you should visit during the South Korea autumn season.

#1 Take a Stroll along the Best Places to Visit in Korea in Autumn

Autumn in Korea is the ideal season to appreciate beautiful scenery, as it allows all tourists to enjoy a truly unique experience. The autumn landscapes of the country are quite a spectacle. Hiking through paths in the forests is the most attractive activity in the country. This month, we recommend some best places to visit in Korea during autumn you must visit and that you are sure to love.

Naejangsan Mountain

The best place to visit in Korea during autumn is Naejangsan Mountain. It is home to nutmeg trees over 600 years old and some of the oldest Buddhis temples in South Korea.

Seoraksan Mountain

The mountains are still one of the favorite destinations to appreciate the autumn landscapes, which is why Seoraksan Mountain is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Seoraksan National Park in autumn has gorgeous hiking paths and cable car rides. If you love the hues of yellow and orange, include Seoraksan Mountain in South Korea autumn season.

Namsan Tower

You probably know why many people visit Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower): the Love Locks bridge. During fall, the Namsan trees are a natural spectacle thanks to their most vibrant colors in shades of gold, yellow, tangerine, and others. Imagine seeing such a paradise from above with your loved one!

At the peak, it is the best place to take photos for your Korea travel blog or simply the autumn season in South Korea date with your loved ones. 

The Royal Palaces

The Joseon era Royal Palaces offer an architectural beauty that compliments the splendid view of the landscape. The Korea autumn weather magically transforms into earth tones. 

Suppose you are interested in history and night walks. There are two royal palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung. They are open to the public at night from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., with various cultural programs where you can learn more about South Korea. 

Nami Island

The next destination on our Korean autumn trip blog is an idyllic place for nature lovers! Nami island's autumn trails are truly majestic. The whole island is called the Garden of Morning Calm due to its unforgettable color palette and natural attractions, especially autumn on Nami island.

There are tons of tree paths that you can enjoy on Nami island in autumn. You can marvel at tall trees at Metasequoia Lane or enjoy the scent and colors of golden leaves at Gingko Tree Lane. Another autumn Nami island treats for you is walking around the colorful views of the Korean Pine, Tulip, and Maple Tree Lanes.

Besides the Nami island Korea autumn views, you can also enjoy Cherry Tree Lane and White Birch Lane. These are places to visit best during spring and winter.

Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Korea. Its scenic beauty attracts many tourists in fall, thanks to its zoo, entertainment venues, botanical gardens, and forest parks. One of its greatest assets this season is its rose garden, which looks brilliant in the fall season. It is one of our favorite destinations in our Korea autumn travel blog.

#2 Wear Incredible Autumn Clothes in Korea

The autumn temperature in Korea brings new trends in Korean fashion. You can witness fall trends of pastel and neutral colors and simple looks, making you feel comfortable and elegant simultaneously!

What to Wear in Korea Autumn?

Within the essential garments for Korean fashion are coats (cardigans, jackets, denim jackets, and wool coats), dresses to feel fresh and comfortable (Pair them with ankle boots for an elegant yet casual look), and Jeans that are perfect for a casual look (styles like baggy, mom, boyfriend and wide-leg jeans are essential)

Some of the essential garments for autumn attire in Korea are coats, cardigans, denim jackets, and wool coats. Dresses also make you feel fresh and comfortable while traveling; you can pair them with ankle boots to get a casual look. Another outfit you can go for is jeans with styles like baggy, mom, boyfriend, and wide-leg jeans. 

#3 Autumn is Seoul's Romantic Season

Love is in the (Autumn) air! Make the most of the crisp Korean air if you fancy a refreshing change. With a landscape just dying to be photographed, have your biggest K-drama fantasies brought to life when you visit locations where series scenes from Korea in Autumn.

#4 Experience Amazing Korean Autumn Festivals

The fall season is a high time for festivals. Daebak brings you a list of events you will love and enjoy. Here are our 4 favorite Korean autumn festivals!

Bibimbap Festival

Bibimbap Festival celebrates the local dish of mixed rice, meat, and vegetables. There are cooking competitions, street foods, performances, and the best bibimbap to eat. You can read more about the Jeonju Bibimbap Festival here!

Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival

Visitors can write their wishes on lanterns and float them down the river in a millennia-old tradition. A full display of lanterns and fireworks is also part of the festival. It is also the best time to taste their specialty local grilled eel. Learn more about the Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival here!

Andong International Mask Dance Festival

The festival takes place in the historic town of Andong Hahoe, where there is a museum that is a symbol of cultural heritage in Korea. The autumn festival features a Korean mask dance and mask culture from around 20 countries. 

Visitors can make masks from traditional mulberry paper and learn the masquerade dance. Discover the beauty of the Andong Mask Dance Festival here!

Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival

Seoul is a modern megacity with millions of people, an ever-growing economy, and a world-leading technology hub. The Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival celebrates its origins with a street parade full of colorful costumes and musical performances that bring the past back to life in Olympic Park, located in the southern part of Seoul. 

Are you interested in more festivals in South Korea in Autumn? Get to know more about them here!

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When Is Autumn in South Korea?

Korea in autumn lasts from September until November.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Korea in Autumn?

You can see better autumn leaves and orange hues in October and November. If you are considering your outfit for your future trip, autumn in Korea temperature is one of the best to wear the most Instagrammable outfit and amazing photos. The Korea autumn temperature from September to November is around 19°C. 

Planning to visit South Korea soon? You may use these tips on your itinerary and fall completely in love with Korea in autumn like us! Don’t forget to visit to discover the latest trends, buy Korean items, and much more in a single click!




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