8 Best BTS Merch You Must Get Before the Bullet PROOF Comeback

8 Best BTS Merch You Must Get Before the Bullet PROOF Comeback - The Daebak Company

For ARMYs reading this article, it's not surprising that many of you stan every member of BTS! Each member has their own style of dressing up and performing on stage, leaving us stunned as they walk the red carpet or perform on stage. 

Getting concert tickets and going to Korean music shows to support BTSis not easy. What would it feel like to, for example, carry a bag designed by your favorite idol every day? Or doing a BTS fanchant with all the official merch in your hands while at home. This June, we ensure you get every Kpop merch for BTS's bullet PROOF comeback to get the most daebak BTS experience anywhere in the world!

New Album - PROOF

Get prepared for BTS's new comeback with BTS's new album PROOF! You can now pre-order the album on The Daebak's website. Besides the standard edition, the compact edition and SET are also available for pre-ordering. 

BTS Official Light Stick

You can still join in on the concert experience if you have a TV, PC, or smartphone and an ARMY Bomb lightstick! Simply download the lightstick app on your phone, enter your ticket details, and your Kpop merch light stick will glow up like lucky ARMYs attending the concert! Don't forget to add the official lightstick strap to ensure you have a good grip on your precious ARMY Bomb. 

BTS x Instax Mini 11 (Butter Version)

If you're looking for a gift for your BTS-fans friend, this Butter Version Instax will be a nice choice! Polaroid is always a nice tool to capture important moments in your life, like meeting your ARMY friends for a BTS birthday or concert viewing. An Instax featuring the hit 'Butter' will be a memorable gift for A.R.M.Y.! You can also check out Our Top Summer BT21 Picks for more ideas.

BTS Coffee

Whether you're relaxing at home or watching an online BTS concert at night with your co-ARMYs, a BTS Coffee will keep you energized from the start until the end of their performance! Quench your thirst for what's Yet to Come on BTS's scheduled performances with a cold brew BTS coffee macadamia mocha latte, americano, or vanilla latte. If you like your coffee hot, go for the BTS Hand Drip Coffee that you can use up to 3 times!


Meeting with ARMY friends for the comeback also means trading or sharing photocards, so make sure you have the BTS DICON Photocard Custom Book to arrange your DICON cards. Find out the BTS DIcon photocard custom book release date and get one for yourself or your friends!

'Butter' Tiny Figure

'Butter' is one of the most popular hit songs by BTS, with over 765M views on youtube. The tiny figures of all 7 members Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V, are now open for pre-order! Come pick up your favorite Butter-version figure to complete your collection just in time for BTS's anniversary!

Artist-Made Collection by BTS (Bags)

In January, BTS launched the Artist-Made Collection! What differentiates this collection from other Kpop merch is that the items in Artist-Made Collection are all designed by BTS members. This is significant for fans since it creates a mutual bond between the idols and the fans that other regular merch doesn't.

We feature two Artist-Made Collections you need to fit your official merch to celebrate BTS's comeback and anniversary!

Mute Boston Bag

This Mute Boston Bag, designed by BTS member V, is a popular item in the collection. It is a classic Boston bag designed with V's 3 favorite colors: brown, green, and gray. The bag is made with a practical material that's easy to take care of, making the bag a perfect fit for everyday use.

Look inside the BTS boston mute bag

The inner part of the bag is also delicately designed. The MUTE leather label is made with gold foil printing and a gold-colored zipper. With the detachable shoulder strap, you can store your BTS merch inside this spacious bag. You can pre-order this Mute Boston Bag on The Daebak Company's website!

Side by Side Mini Bag

JHope's Side by Side Mini Bag is a true testament to BTS's sunshine in the group! Known for his positive attitude and bright smile, JHope designed the mini bag in sky blue and white colors. The size is enough to fit all the things you need. It also comes with a tag with JHope's handwriting!

With the Side by Side Mini Bag, you can complete your BTS look whether you're off to work meeting ARMYs at pop-up events!

Wondering where to buy BTS official goods and more Artist-Made Collection by BTS? Check out The Daebak Company's website today. 

Written by Julie Wang 



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