Black Friday Sale: Daebak's K-Pop & Content Lookbook

Black Friday Sale: Daebak's K-Pop & Content Lookbook - The Daebak Company

Before our upcoming Daebak Black Friday sale, we know that there is a lot to think about regarding what K-Pop and K-Content items to buy; Especially when it comes to choosing a couple things out of so many great options. Here are some of our top picks for what you should look out for this Black Friday season!

K-Pop Items:

1. [Pre-Order] NCT 127 [NCIT] Removable Laptop Sticker Set: Hey NCTzens! Wish you could bring NCT 127 with you whenever you study, work, or play PC games? If so, pre-order an NCT 127 Removable Laptop Sticker Set! Not only are there a variety of stickers with NCT 127's logo, but you can also get a photo of one of the members and they can travel with you wherever you go; So if you are working on your laptop, bring along Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, or any of the NCT 127 members with you!

2. BTS 2022 Season's Greetings: BTS' 2022 Season’s Greetings are a great gift for yourself or for a friend! You get to see some special images that aren’t released with other albums AND you get a bunch of merchandise that you can rep in your daily life (e.g. Desk Calendar and Memo Pad). I know I can’t wait to receive my Season’s Greetings in the mail. Can you?!

3. BTS x McDonald's Logo Flip Flops: Remember BTS’s iconic collaboration with McDonalds? I’m still thinking about those purple McDonald's chicken McNuggets boxes and the tasty Cajun + Sweet Chili sauces from the BTS Meal. But, one other thing you can’t forget about is the BTS x McDonalds Flip Flops. You gotta purchase your own pair of unique and stylish flip flops because it works as outdoor lounge shoes or as a gift for a fellow BTS ARMY!

K-Content Items:

1. BT21 Baby My Little Buddy Monitor Figure: Before the next holiday or for someone's birthday, you need to get your buddy a monitor figure! They are the perfect companion on those late study nights and work sessions. Make sure to get your BT21 Baby My Little Buddy Figure before school starts back up again and use this Black Friday sale to purchase this perfect gift for you or a friend.

2. BTS [PTD Pop-Up] City Mug Seoul: It’s hot cocoa season! As the weather gets colder, get a BTS City Mug, set up your favorite K-Drama, and grab your warm, fuzzy blankets! During this Black Friday sale, you can’t forget to add this BTS mug into your cart. Next thing you know, this item will be your go-to cup!

3. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha OST Album: Are you also playing the Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha OST on repeat and missing Du-Shik’s heart fluttering moments? If so, you should definitely purchase this OST album. Not only will you get all the songs on 2 CDs, but you will also receive a sleeve cover, a 100 page hard-cover photo-book (with iconic drama lines), printed polaroids (with autographs), character photo-cards, and post-cards. Do I want to buy this OST Album just so I can see Du-Shik again? Yes, yes I do :’)

Like any Black Friday sale, I say now is the time to treat yourself. So, whether you opt to buy the BTS Seoul Mug for those warm hot chocolate days or the Stray Kids Kingdom: Legendary War Album for some music jam sessions, make sure to purchase all these products at the Daebak website this Black Friday!

Written by Tiffany



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