Holland in All The Colors of The Rainbow

Holland in All The Colors of The Rainbow - The Daebak Company

Ever since his debut, Holland has been the king of color, whether it’s in his music videos, or on his clothes. His collection of color has expanded due to the fact that he’s done a lot of modeling recently. Here, we will share with you some of his most iconic colorful outfits.


This is probably Holland’s most iconic look, as it was featured in two of his music videos, “I’m Not Afraid” and “I’m So Afraid”. It consists of a red patterned shirt, a red belt, and orange pants. It’s an outfit that not many will forget, as it represents one of Holland’s most emotive concepts.


This next outfit also comes from the “I’m So Afraid” era. Though the outfit is never worn in any of the music videos, it has most of the elements from the “I’m Not Afraid” outfit, simply changing the shirt and accessories. Even though it might look rather simple, it uses bold patterns and colors, such as the leopard print shoes, that make it stand out from the rest.


Holland’s “Nar_C” music video revolved entirely around the color yellow, due to the narcissus flower which is prominent in the entire video. This also means that most of Holland’s outfits in the said video also focused on yellow. In this case, it is a yellow buttoned shirt, which he sometimes wore unbuttoned with a white t-shirt underneath.


For Holland’s tour, he had plenty of gorgeous outfits including this one. It’s an outfit made by designer Kevin Germanier; a green iridescent pirate-style shirt. Holland mentions Peter Pan in the caption of the photo as well, a nod to his debut track, “Neverland”.


This outfit came from a collaboration between Holland, W Korea, and Adidas. It’s heavily based on black leather, but the focal point is the big Adidas jacket. It was also featured in a video made by Adidas, which showcased not only this outfit but other colorful looks as well.



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