NCT 127 is Kicking It Up!

NCT 127 is Kicking It Up! - The Daebak Company

Are you ready to get hyped? NCT 127 is back with “Kick It”! The lead single from their second full-length album, NCT #127 Neo Zone, is nothing less than explosive. Even the teaser packed a powerful punch, leaving NCTzens waiting in anticipation for the single!

“Kick It” starts off strong with loud electric guitars and snares before simmering down into a more sensual sound and then kicking it back up again. No pun intended. With mentions of martial arts and Bruce Lee, it might just be your new workout anthem. The music video is vibrant with yellow accents that will definitely catch your eye as it highlights NCT’s sharp moves.

NCT 127 also released a special stage for “Kick It” (SQUAD & FIGHTER Ver.) after releasing their music video. The choreography is insane and powerful with kicks and jumps that probably shouldn’t be real but NCT 127 makes the impossible possible. Their next stage content will come out on March 8 (KST).

That wasn’t the only thing to drop that took our breath away! NCT is known for their comeback timelines that are packed with content for fans and this was no exception.

Concept photos, behind-the-scenes videos, an opening show hosted by Do-young and Jae-hyun, and a special episode of Johnny’s Communication Center where he showed us how the Neo Zone albums were made. He even put some photocards in them!

While their main single has more of their classic sound; the album has energetic and also more relaxed, bouncy B-sides. Fans got a taste of the songs earlier when ten track teaser videos were released. It was nice to see a quick preview of the songs that certainly showed the variety of genres in this new album. There’s the smooth “Boom”, 90’s inspired “Dreams Come True,” the playful “Elevator (127F),” the rap units’ hard-hitting songs “MAD DOG” and “Sit Down!”

This album was also a special occasion with Taeil participating in this comeback! Not only that: Mark, Taeyong, and Johnny also contributed to the lyrics. Even the album announcement was done in a special way, appearing at the end of their 127 Day music video, “Dreams Come True,” which is also featured in the album. NCT 127 went above and beyond; the album is the Bruce Lee of K-Pop.

Have you listened to #127 NeoZone? What’s your favorite track? Tell us below!

Cover Image: NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Lemus



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