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Yukika Teramoto, also known as Yukika, is a Japanese singer and actress based in South Korea. She made her solo debut with her digital single "Neon." on February 22nd, 2019. Yukika is known for singing city pop, which is a popular genre that originated from Japan. She released her debut album SOUL LADY on July 21st, 2020.


Before Yukika made her debut in South Korea, she was an actress, singer, fashion model, voice actress in Japan. She was well known in the Japanese entertainment industry until she left to focus on her studies. She then moved to Korea in 2015 to pursue her career as a singer and actress. In 2016, she made her debut as a member of a girl group project, Real Girls Project. The following year Yukika was a constant on the survival show MIXNINE representing Mole entertainment along with her members. She was then disqualified in episode 10.

After the disbandment of the Real Girls Project, Yukika signed with ESTIMATE Entertainment in early 2019. She embarks on a new journey as a soloist. Rather than going for mainstream K-pop, Yukika embraces the Japanese city pop genre, and it received a lot of love from fans worldwide. The 80s era inspired the "NEON" music video.


The genre city pop first originated in Japan, but until recently, it has gain popularity. Yukika is one of the few solo artists to start the trend of city pop. Her debut album SOUL LADY is a combination of 80s inspired music with lo-fi retro beats. Her beautiful soft voices make the album worth listening to.

Make sure to check out her new music video, "SOUL LADY." Let us know what you think about Yukika new album down in the comments below!


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