Achieve Idol-Like Hair With These Korean YouTubers

Achieve Idol-Like Hair With These Korean YouTubers - The Daebak Company

Have you ever dreamed about achieving perfect hair like IU or even G-Dragon? Hair can be hard to manage, but it doesn’t have to be! You can also get idol-like hair from the comfort of your own home. There are many Korean YouTubers that focus on hair and different hairstyles. Here are a few to check out if you’re looking to change things up.


If you want hair like your favorite male idol, LEE HAIR is a great channel. Lee also does regular male hair tutorials, but lately has been doing videos on how to get idols’ signature looks. So far he has done videos like BTS’ J-Hope’s classic red, EXO’s Kai’s Green part, and G-Dragon’s iconic white undercut. Even if you don’t want to try these looks, his videos are entertaining!


Kiu is a real gem! He does the occasional lifestyle vlogs and public opinion videos, but the core of his channel centers around hair. Whether it’s how to frame your face, how to cut IU-like bangs, or common mistakes you make when cutting see-through hair, you’ll find that kiu has an amazing channel filled with different tutorials for any situation.


Lifestyle and beauty is Chaeyoung’s main game, but she has garnered attention for her hair videos as well. Chaeyoung’s videos have probably popped up in your recommendations from time to time given her popularity. Her hair videos are mostly about how to straighten it and maintain it properly. Her channel is definitely helpful if you’re wondering about hair care.

웨이랜드 Wayland

Wayland is the channel of Crayon Pop’s way! From talking about idol culture to trying a multitude of different hairstyles, she’s the go-to-girl for idol insiders and tutorials. In the video above, Wayland does a common look with loose waves, but she also has videos recreating Blackpink’s Jennie’s ponytail in style. She also has one of idols' secrets on how they keep their hair looking luscious and fresh; a must-watch!

There’s certainly hair-spiraton to go around. Whether you dye it, chop it, curl it, or straighten it, these Youtubers will help you out!

Any other hair influencer you would want to add to this list? Tell us below!

Featured Image: kiu기우쌤
Written by: Stephanie Lemus

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