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Sephora Stores have completely disappeared from the South Korean Landscape The selective perfumery brand of the French group LVMH has announced its withdrawal from the South Korean market, dominated by powerful local players. What led Sephora to make this decision?...
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South Korea
South Korea celebrates Family Month (가정의 달) in May with love and reverence for family. The nation engages in heartwarming traditions and festivities that highlight the importance of familial bonds. This month features a vibrant array of celebrations, each reflecting the unique and cherished relationships within Korean society. Join us in exploring these delightful and meaningful traditions across the country.
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If you are a fan of Korean culture, entertainment, and arts, you might have heard of the Hallyu visa, a new type of travel visa that South Korea is introducing in 2024. But what exactly is the Hallyu visa, and how...
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