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We Invite you to 2023 SEOULCon and experience the trendy content and goodies of Seoul!

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Celebrate SeoulCon with Daebak!

Experience the trendy content of Seoul at DDP from December 30th to January 1st for the New year celebrations! Also accessible in live broadcast, meet your favorite global influencers, and get into the world of K-Beauty and Fashion, Innovation and Technology.

Meet and greet with influencers and celebrities!

Get a chance to meet 3,000 teams of influencers and celebreties attending, all across the globe coming from different social media platforms such as Youtube and Tiktok.



Korean E-Sports Team


Physical 100

Netflix Korean Reality Show


Korean Englishman

5.8M Subscribers


On Oppa

21.4M Subscribers


Elina Karimova

1.8M Subscibers


Jeon Changha

22.7M Subscribers


冯提莫 Feng Timo

783.4K Subscribers


and more to come!

Join SeoulCON with us!

Daebak Members Exclusive Merch!

Daebak Members will get free goodies at the entrance — Sweatshirt, Tourist Magnets, Eco bag!

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Celebreties and Influencers Attending!

Get the chance to meet and greet with influencers and celebreties!

AndMoreMobile.png__PID:d65cf0dd-d721-4bb0-8ef3-912818dc2fe6Join us at SeoulCon!

Activities during SeoulCon!

Creative Force Awards 2024, SeoulCon Award 2024, T1 Fan Festival, Street Fashion Exhibition, fan meetings, K-pop shows, Hallyu conference, exhibitions, K-pop random dance, EDM party, and much more. Stay tuned for the full program and make this Seoul Con celebration a Daebak start to the new year!

ActivitySchedule.png__PID:6e8d1064-4257-4c44-974a-c6263389326eJoin us on SeoulCon!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)