Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Guideline

Want to guest blog on our Daebak Magazine? We welcome guest writers at The Daebak Company! If you are a new blogger or have a passion for writing about K-drama, webtoons, Kpop, Korean culture, and Korean travel, propose a topic to us! 

Once we approve your topics, please consider these guest post requirements before you start writing. 

  1. It must be new content with a minimum of 500 words.
  2. 1 Featured Photo and a minimum of 1 subtopic/heading photo.
  3. Do Not include any affiliate links in the posts.
  4. Include a short blurb about yourself and your blog and links to your social media accounts and blog.
  5. Include a minimum of 1 link to one of our blog posts in your content.
  6. Add a maximum of 2 links to relevant posts from your blog in your content.

In return, we also want to write for your blog or have our website link from one of your blogs. You may send your preferred options and suggested topics here: and CC 

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