Valentine’s Day in Korea: 12 Days of Love

Valentine’s Day in Korea: 12 Days of Love

February 14, or Valentine's Day, is a particular date on the calendar for most couples worldwide. On this day, people rush to congratulate their loved ones, share words of genuine sympathy, and give valuable presents to each other. However, did you know that Koreans celebrate it in a bit of a different way?

In South Korea, every 14th of the month is basically Valentine's Day. In other words, couples get to express their feelings 12 times a year, which is why the celebration is widely known as the "12 Days of Love".

The Daebak Company is here to provide a detailed breakdown of this romantic holiday, thoroughly explaining what Korean couples usually do on each day. Are you excited? Let's get into it!

12 Days of Love: From January to December

January 14: Diary Day

On this day, a diary is believed to be the most popular present couples give each other.

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The diary/notebook is seen as a beautiful and thoughtful gift where people in love usually write down their feelings towards each other, lovely observations, or joint goals. Couples can even plan their adventures together.

Another gift that couples might give each other is a candle. It is also a very popular option. It smells amazing and lasts for a very long time.

February 14: Valentine's Day

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Girls typically give their partners chocolate or sweets as a present. Or, to make things more romantic, it is also prevalent that girls might even make cookies by themselves or with a partner.

Such a lovely activity will definitely make this a day to remember and cherish for the rest of the life.

March 14: White Day

Now it's time for the boys to show up and surprise their loved ones with small yet pleasant gifts that will lighten up their day. Giving sweets, cakes, or chocolate is very welcome as well.

April 14: Black Day

Unfortunately, April 14 is known to be the saddest day among the "12 Days of Love". People who do not have a couple or whose hearts have been broken usually choose black outfits and eat Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) – black bean noodles.

May 14: Yellow Day

On this day, couples prefer wearing matching outfits, while the ones who are single enjoy tasty yellow curry, trying to fill the void in their heart. People in love also bring home beautiful yellow roses.

June 14: Kiss Day

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Love is a feeling that can be expressed in many ways, but on June 14, kisses are the main form of the love language. Although it is not common in South Korea to display affection in public, on this day, couples freely show their emotions through kissing. 

July 14: Silver Day

Silver Day might be considered one of the most important days among the "12 Days of Love". People in love give each other silver couple rings.

This essential gift symbolises commitment and dedication. It is often seen as an audacious step that highlights the willingness to continue strengthening the relationship between the two, even when things get complicated.

August 14: Green Day

It is a perfect day to enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved one. Walking around the park or having a picnic is the best thing to do!

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Couples prefer to drink soju on this day as the bottle is also green.

September 14: Photo Day

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Couples take pictures together, whether in selfies or photo booths. So, it is better not to waste an excellent opportunity to have fun and create unforgettable memories together.

October 14: Wine Day

It's as simple as that! Just grab some fine wine and enjoy the cozy evening together.

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November 14: Movie Day.

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Couples spend this day at home, watching their favourite TV shows, cuddling, and eating delicious snacks. It is also common to have a date in the cinema. Any option works!

December 14: Hug Day

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What can be better than spending the whole day at home, lying down and hugging each other? Especially when it is cold outside during winter, hugging is the best way to spread warmth and love. 

Which Day Is Your Favorite One So Far?

Do you find the concept of the "12 Days of Love" appealing? Would you be willing to try it out with your loved one?

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What is the significance of Yellow Day in the Korean "12 Days of Love" celebration?

Yellow Day involves wearing matching outfits for couples, while singles enjoy yellow curry.

How do Korean couples celebrate Silver Day on July 14th?

On Silver Day, couples exchange silver couple rings symbolizing commitment and dedication.

How do Valentine's Day and White Day differ?

Valentine's Day is on February 14, while White Day is celebrated on March 14. Girls give their partners presents on Valentine's Day. However, boys delight their loved ones with gifts on White Day.

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