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Unless you're a Patrick Star and live under a rock, you know the explosive phenomenon happening in the music industry. BTS hits another record with reaching No.1 with their single #Butter on #Hot100 charts this past week for the third time consecutively. With that said, please understand why we cannot stop talking about them!


Nothing beats BTS’s popularity but right underneath them is their collaboration BT21. This collaboration is with none other than LINE. This messenger app is an instant communication on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This communication app allows users to send and receive texts, images, and videos along with audio. Within the app, you find stickers/emojis, which have been extremely popular around the globe. The epicenter of LINE is Asia with its HQ in South Korea with one of their official stores. In 2017 BTS collaborated with LINE and created the BT21 targeting all the fans of both LINE users and BTS’s ARMY. 

The eight characters begin with TATA (V), Mang (J-Hope), Chimmy (Jimin), RJ (Jin), Koya (RM), Cooky (JungKook), Shooky (SUGA), and VAN (ARMY). The BTS members spent a day sketching out and creating these characters alongside designers who guided them along the way in making the final draft. 

These characters start off by being idol wannabes, Tata an alien with unique superpowers, left his home planet with Van (the space robot that protects BT21 representing the band’s ARMY fans). They encountered BTS when visiting planet Earth and were inspired by them. BT21 received millions of downloads which officially leads to the merchandise products. 

Many of the fans shop for BT21 merchandise and visit city stores. The main locations are in Korea, Japan, China, New York and L.A. The products offered change within seasons, but many consumers have picked their favorite. One of the most popular products is the RJ plush seen on TV countless times due to Jin’s onboarding and traveling scenes in past years as he carries RJ as a pillow and support on planes. Nonetheless, the other characters are loved and have their own fandom as shoppers purchase countless supplies from plushies, keyrings, charms and notebooks, blankets, and T-shirts. 

One of the hottest items has been the BT21 portable mini fans as the hot tempers increase. Get yours while supplies last!  

Personally, my favorite item is the BT21 scrunchie! It is the most adorable!

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