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VT Cosmetics is a Korean makeup brand that is known for its innovative formulas, high-quality products, and notably, its collaborations with BTS. VT Cosmetics has produced two collections with the international sensation, with VT x BT21 launching in 2018, and VT x BTS launching in 2019. The Daebak Company is excited to announce the launch of four EXCLUSIVE Daebak x VT Cosmetics sets!

These Daebak x VT Cosmetics sets include a BTS Makeup Set, a BTS Skincare Set, a Cica Skincare Set, and BT21 Cosmetics. If you want all four sets, you can choose to bundle and receive them at a discounted rate. This way, you won't miss out on the whole array of benefits that VT Cosmetics has in store with this collaboration ... Keep reading to find out what we love about each set!

While we won't disclose the *specific* contents of the boxes, we will give you a sneak peek here and now! Each of these sets has a unique aesthetic: the BTS Makeup set is sultry and decadent, the BTS Skincare set serves fresh pastel vibes, the Cica Skincare set is glossy, and natural, and the BT21 set is bright, playful, and cartoonlike. Which one suits your personal style the best?


This collaboration EXUDES glamour: the shiny packaging, the rich tones... Everything about VT x BTS Makeup indicates luxury. Even Naomi Campbell is a fan of these products, and if that supermodel status doesn't scream "glam," we don't know what does. This collaboration is indulgent, sparkly, alluring, and we can't get enough!


The VT x BTS Skincare packaging fulfills all of our soft pastel dreams, and we recommend using it before bed as part of your nighttime routine (as well as cleansing before beating on a face of VT Makeup)! This Skincare set is focused on achieving a brighter, cleaner complexion. If BTS serves as a testament to the results with their radiant skin, we know that VT has got us covered!


VT Cosmetics made a breakthrough in skincare technology with its Cica line. For those who do not know yet what exactly this means, here's the breakdown: Cica is a plant known in rainforests from China to India as gotu kola or "tiger grass." This plant has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to a host of vitamins that contribute to healthy, supple skin. When combined with VT's moisturizing formulas, CICALIAO was born, which provides the skin with powerful hydration, protection, and health benefits. You don't want to miss the opportunity to get a hold of this set!


Anyone who follows LINE FRIENDS knows about BT21 - these characters expanded from the collection of existing LINE FRIENDS, and each is assigned to a BTS member. (You can see the similarities with the names of characters like Cooky and Chimmy, who are represented by Jungkook and Jimin.) Find their origins explained here! As for the makeup, VT came through with the same high-quality formulas that they always deliver, but in this ADORABLE BT21 packaging. These products run the makeup spectrum: from high coverage foundation to sunscreen, and blush cushions to eye shadows.

  • Please note that this article is about the VT Cosmetics collections in general, and The Daebak Company cannot guarantee the fulfillment of any specific items in our surprise cosmetics set boxes - happy shopping!


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