Get Cool like the High Schoolers: Best Backpack Snacks!

Get Cool like the High Schoolers: Best Backpack Snacks! - The Daebak Company

Snacking is something that happens throughout a high schoolers day: during class or breaks, after school, or while studying. Considering the amount of snacking in which a high schooler partakes, I thought it would be interesting to see what they liked best and if there were any trends in favorites. Here's a list of some of the high schoolers’ snack picks!


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So cute 😚😚😚 🍫

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Pepero is a Korean snack favorite offered in a variety of flavors. It's very easy to eat on the way home, in class, or studying. EXO may even appear on some packaging, and many EXO-Ls enjoy that addition to the snack. If you want to get some of your own, check out SnackFever’s Pepero Bundle, for your own supply!

Choco Pie

This fluffy treat is another classic option that high schoolers tend to crave. Choco Pies are individually packaged in the box for you to take on the go, if necessary, and available in different flavors, such as red velvet and caramel!


Sangeobap is a seafood-flavored snack that is crispy, sweet, and salty--a perfect combination! The bite-sized snack is shaped as different sea animals, like whales and squid, and also occasionally available in a SnackFever box, so be on the lookout!

Shrimp and Crab Chips

High schoolers who enjoy seafood also enjoy these shrimp and crab-flavored chips that are crunchy and addictive!

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Exotic. #crabchips #bestkorea #gangnamstyle

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Tteokbokki Chips

Sweet and spicy tteokbokki chips are inspired by one of the most popular Korean street foods. If you are not able to find these chips in your nearby market, SnackFever is here!

Potato Snack

Similar to regular potato chips, these savory potato snacks are a crunchy, satisfying snack that you just pop into your mouth.


Can drinks be considered snacks? I say yes! One fan favorite is Milkis. It's a carbonated milky beverage that comes in different flavors. Forget soda, and get Milkis instead!

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Banana Milk

In Korea, this drink is easily accessible at convenience stores for a very cheap price. It has also gotten popular overall at Asian supermarkets! If you like the taste of bananas, why not try banana milk? In its adorable container, banana milk is a classic treat that will quench your thirst.

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Do you have banana milk 🍌🥛 in your country?

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Yogurt Drinks

Remember those yogurt drinks Peter Kavinsky drove to the other side of town to get for Lara Jean in the famous Netflix rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? Well, this is the drink! This tiny yogurt beverage is adorable, tastes delicious, and because it's a probiotic, is actually good for you! However, don't have too many or else it may have an inverse effect.

So, get cool with the high schoolers! Overall, these snacks are easily accessible, transportable, cheap, and are favorites of teens, both online and in reality. Obviously, these favorites are limited as everyone has their own preferences, so which one is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below!

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