4 Blackpink Pink Venom MV Outfits We Love!

4 Blackpink Pink Venom MV Outfits We Love! - The Daebak Company

Blackpink is back (in your area) after two years with the incredible Blackpink ‘Pink Venom’ music video with stunningly fierce looks! Your favourite kpop girl group just dropped their first single for their much-anticipated album, Born Pink, which is set to release next month. You can preorder your Born Pink album here!

The music is surely a memorable track with its catchy chorus, impressive ‘venomous’ visuals, and of course the girls’ fashion! Needless to say, Blackpink slayed the outfits they wore in the Pink Venom MV. So here are some of our favourite outfits from the many stylish outfits worn by the girls!

Blackpink Pink Venom Outfits – Fashion We Love!

1. Jennie Blood-Red Alaïa Outfit

The music video began with Blackpink Jennie making an incredible entrance with her eye-catching outfit. Both items from Alaïa, Jennie wore a blood-red sheer bodysuit paired with a matching flowy mini dress. 

Along with this, the kpop idol’s outfit is paired with black platform heels from GCDS, which added to the fierce outfit and gives us a taste of that venomous sting that Blackpink sings about! 

2. Lisa Asymmetric Demobaza Denim Jacket

Lisa stuns all with an ‘Avant Apocalypse’ aesthetic (a type of punk fashion) with a hint of an empowering feminine flair. She dances with power in her asymmetric denim structure jacket top which has an eccentric touch of deconstruction. This is paired with black boots which ties the whole aesthetic well! 

Lisa’s outfit is from the Bulgarian brand Demobaza. You can pick up your Blackpink [Pink Venom] Photo T-shirt which Lisa wearing this outfit alongside the girls.

3. Rosé Flowy Black Fanci dress

Rosé’s flowy black dress from the designer ‘Fanci’ contributes extraordinarily to the eclectic style that is fairy-like with a touch of something more dangerous. There is also a hint of black in the kpop idol’s hair which looks stunning paired with the outfit! Here is How To Achieve Kpop Idol Hair if you also want to achieve a look similar to Rosé! You’re welcome ;)

4. Jisoo Sports-Inspired Dior Outfit

Jisoo looked stunning in an all-Dior sports-inspired outfit. Jisoo pairs a sleeveless Dior top inspired by cycling gear with shorts and long sports socks. She also wears black boots which suits the coordinated outfit that Jisoo shines brightly in.

So, whose outfit do you like best? It’s hard to pick, we know! If you like this post, share it with a friend who might like it as well and see which of the Blackpink members’ fashion they like best! 

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Blackpink Pink Venom is not just an awesome song; the MV is just amazing, from camera works and choreography to fashion! Where to buy official Blackpink merch online? Then definitely check out The Daebak Company’s kpop merch store for more Blackpink merch, Official kpop albums, and other kpop goods!


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