Best Times to Visit Korea: A Quick Guide for the Ultimate Korean Trip!

Best Times to Visit Korea: A Quick Guide for the Ultimate Korean Trip! - The Daebak Company

Do you want to see the cherry blossoms in the spring or the changing leaves in the fall? A trip to Korea is always a good plan, but the weather and seasonal experiences are something you may want to consider. Daebak has got you covered!  After reading this Korean travel guide you’ll know the best times to visit Korea. 

Best Times to Visit Korea


cherry blossoms that you can look at in the spring, one of the best times to visit Korea

The months of March to May are some of the best times to visit South Korea. The spring season makes Korea look beautiful. The weather is great too!

March marks the first month of spring. It’s a bit cool, but this is when the weather starts warming up. It is also the month when the cherry blossoms begin blooming in Korea. Cherry blossoms are a popular attraction each year. They are so popular that they make their way into things like skincare as a fun seasonal product.

As the flowers bloom in Korea, so do the festivals. Many flower festivals take place in April. This is also when Lotus festivals begin. That makes April a great time to visit a Korean temple too.

May is a great time to visit Korea because you have the best of both worlds. You get to have the pleasant weather of Spring and the feeling of summer. This month is a great time to explore the nature of Korea.

Korea has many mountains. So fans of the outdoors should go for a hike and admire Korea’s beautiful scenery. People who prefer the water can head to the beach instead. A city like Busan is a great place to see the water and have a good time.

What Month Is Cherry Blossom In South Korea?

Another attraction people love to see is the Cherry Blossom sights, making spring the best season to visit Korea! So make sure to include Yeouido, Seoul Children’s Grand Park, Seokchon Lake, or Changgyeonggung Palace from March to April. 


colorful trees during the fall season in South Korea

Fall is another season where the weather is nice, and the trees are pretty! The onset of fall covers the Korean peninsula in beautiful red, orange, and yellow hues.

September is a great time to experience Korean culture. It’s the best time to visit Korea when many cultural festivals happen. Chuseok also typically takes place in September. So this month is a great time to relax and learn about Korean culture.

October is the month of Halloween! Halloween in Korea is an iconic event. People from all over Korea flood the streets of Itaewon every year to celebrate. It's a great time to see fun costumes, meet new people, and experience a Korean-style Halloween.

November is the best time to visit Nami Island. A day trip to Nami Island will show you the real beauty of a Korean Fall. The leaves on Nami Island are vibrant. They make a great backdrop for pictures and are even more spectacular in person.


summer rain

Summertime is a popular travel season worldwide. Korea is no different. So, you will encounter a lot more crowds during this season. Also, flights and accommodations might be more expensive because of this.

The Korean weather in the summer is not as nice as it is in spring and fall. It is very hot and humid. Also, the summertime is the rainy season in Korea. It rains for long periods and can even lead to major flooding in places like Seoul. So if you do come, make sure you bring an umbrella to enjoy the summer season in Korea!

Which Month Is The Hottest In Korea?

August is one of the hottest times to visit South Korea. If you want to experience what summer is like in the country, schedule your trip before August, the hottest month in Korea. Temperatures go as high as 84°F and rainy times in Korea start from July until August. 


a lake with a building in the center covered in snow during the winter season in south korea

Winter is also not the best time to travel to Korea. The weather is very cold and dry.

Lunar New Year is a major holiday that takes place in late January or early February. During this time, most of Korea shuts down. So many popular attractions might not be available to visit during your trip.

When to Visit Korea

Whenever you visit Korea, you are sure to have an amazing time. South Korea travel offers so many unique and wonderful experiences. The country offers the best nature during fall and spring, but if you want to experience sports activities, schedule your trip for the winter and summer. So come when you can, and be sure to check out our Korean travel guides for cities like Seoul and Busan to decide the best times to visit Korea.


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