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Stray Kids Season's Greetings

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BTS Jin 'O Astronauta'🚀

Pré-encomende o primeiro álbum solo de Jin!


Ame seus LÁBIOS, sinta-se como POP!
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Encomende Snickers e ganhe um chaveiro BTS GRÁTIS!

Levamos a Coreia até você

Da Coréia 🇰🇷 à sua porta, descubra os itens mais exclusivos e modernos que a equipe Daebak selecionou para você. De Kpop a K beleza a deliciosos lanches, oferecemos apenas produtos coreanos premium para nossos clientes.

Daebak Fam's Review


I love that I feel connected to the company. I don’t feel like I have jut ordered a box and that’s it. I’ve loved the group Facebook page that people can discuss things. I love the staff always keeping us informed. It’s just the best.


The quality of the products is better than any online shopping experience I’ve ever had. The packaging is clean and practical. Daebak is super easy to communicate with and provides understanding feedback.

Jonathan D.

I love the people at the company and want them to succeed. I love the products and enjoy using them and sharing them with my friends. It is like a little treat for myself while I want for my program to visit South Korea. I love it. I am constantly telling people to try it out.

Anna M.

I always turn to Daebak when I want something that I know is going to be hard to get - preorders, things that sell out quickly, etc. They just have everything! I really love the site. The only thing, it is pretty expensive. But I am a very devoted Army and feel like it’s worth it because I get so much BTS music and march here, as well as other amazing products from Korea. Thanks!

Susan B.

I really appreciate the care and thought that the Daebak team give. The way they value community over just making a sale makes all the difference. Such a wonderful team of helpful and sincere people sharing their love for all things Korean ^-^

Megan B.
Daebak Family

Mais que uma marca.
Somos uma família.

Nossa missão

Aqui na The Daebak Company, inspiramos, unimos e capacitamos a comunidade Hallyu, oferecendo as experiências mais "daebak", promovendo a cultura coreana e fornecendo o melhor guia de cultura coreana por meio de nosso conteúdo e produtos.

Também visamos e nos tornaremos a melhor loja online de Kpop legítima e um balcão único para produtos Kpop exclusivos e autênticos, e produtos de estilo de vida coreano na moda.

Our Partners

Nossos parceiros

The VC firms that brought The Daebak Company to you are Strong Ventures, Bluepoint Partners, and Synergy IB. We are also part of the world-renowned Draper Network!

In our mission to provide the most "daebak" Korean culture experience, we partnered with notable companies to bring authentic Korean products worldwide and become the best Kpop store in the world.