20 Times You See Food In A YG Music Video

YG artists are talented, fierce, stylish, innovative and…hungry?

by CarinneJ

I bet you've never thought about how much food is utilized in YG music videos. From candy to K-snacks, from Big Bang to Akdong Musician; we've compiled a list of 20 times food appears in a YG music video!

1. Chapssaltteoooook! Chapssaltteooook!? Number 1 is Big Bang's "Bae Bae" with sweet rice cakes.


2. "What's Wrong" with taking a popcorn shower? ?Nothing, according to Ikon


3. "You be my curry, I'll be your rice!" - Psy


4. Bliiing Bliiiing! So rich you can make your own Ikon branded dalgona. Just don't set your car on fire. 


5. What's a slumber party without sweets? Lee Hi's sweet vocals pair great with sweet popsicles.


6. Two people have never looked so cool while eating a hamburger. Leave it to GD and TOP to set the standard.


7. CHEERS to more hamburgers!


8. Epik High's Mithra Jin is definitely not a "Born Hater" when it comes to pizza.




10. When you want to pay attention to your date, but you have RamyunFever


11. A cute ice cream snack for a SUPER CUTE AkMu music video.


12. This actress got to eat delicious tteokbokki with Double B! She is truly IKONIC!


13-14. On the other hand, having a food fight with GD and sharing bread with Daesung are two pretty amazing moments too! How could you NOT fall in love? 

 13 14

15. Psy really is the #RamyunKing! Eat jjajangmyun and jam to "Hangover" with the a Korean ramen box!


16. Big Bang: "Fxxk It, let's just snack throughout the ENTIRE music video." 


17. The food, the song, the boys! Everything about this music video is sweet!☺️


18. Get a Choco Pie and rock out to Epik High!


19. GD serenading a ? in "Baby Goodnight."


20. And last, but not least, the one time I was jealous of a bag of chips that got to sit next to Bobby throughout the "Full House" music video. 


Well, it looks like the YG Family never goes hungry while shooting a music video. And you shouldn't either! Join the SnackFever Family and get an assortment of K-Snacks every month delivered straight to your door! 

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