5 Solo K-Pop Artists That You Will Fall For

5 Solo K-Pop Artists That You Will Fall For - The Daebak Company

BTS is so awesome because of Jimin. No, maybe ASTRO because of Cha Eun-woo. Or no, maybe GOT7 because of Jackson Wang? I know, it is so hard to pick your favorite member in a group, let alone a soloist; Disregarding the factors we usually focus on -- appearance, personality, visuals, etc. This list was hard to come by and I had to think of the top factors when selecting solo K-Pop artists to share with you all.

1. Talent: This was the top factor when selecting solo K-Pop artists because of their music, music videos, and social media uploads.   

2. Personality: Most of of the selected solo K-Pop artists were chosen based off of their personality; Which is showcased through their music and social media posts. Only one of them I actual saw in concert.

So let's take a look at 5 Solo K-Pop artists that you will fall for!

1. Eric Nam: This is the “Nation’s Boyfriend” Eric Nam. Creator of his own podcast called the K-Pop Daebak Show, this American-born and raised, multilingual speaker and more, completes the package as a well-rounded K-Pop artist. I had first hand experience with this artist after going to two of his concerts. And every time I cracked up at the light-hearted “mom” jokes he had about his experience growing up as an Asian-American. Among all the concerts I went to, he was by far the most in-expensive being in the double-digit range, which shows how accommodating he is to the average income earner. Will you be going to his 2022 World Tour?

Song Recommendation: "Honestly"

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2. Ailee: Are you a “room shaker” like Ailee? With her astounding range as "Korea's Beyoncé", Ailee, definitely shakes up the room whenever one of her songs play. In terms of her genre of music, while I am not one to listen to ballad songs frequently, every time I hear her voice in her song, "Heaven", I immediately take to the song. Her headstrong personality is highlighted through her major comeback, after being blacklisted by entertainment companies and after having an issue with weight fluctuations. 

Song Recommendation: "Mind Your Business"

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3. Taemin: Would you take SHINee, SuperM, and soloist Taemin’s advice? Even though there is the running joke of his “sketchy” magic hand and a tendency to lose things, I would take it. Immediately, when I think of Taemin, I think of choreography because of his extreme body control and graceful movements. "MOVE" by Taemin is selected by dance professionals to be one of the hardest choreography's in K-Pop. Showcased throughout his music videos is his effortless charisma and unique sense of fashion that no other artist can compare. 

Song Recommendation: "Advice"

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4. oceanfromtheblue: K-Indie singer-songwriter, oceanfromtheblue, is definitely an up-and-coming artist that debuted in 2018. I was introduced to him this year when I was scrolling on Spotify and listened to the song “Heaven” which I have on repeat all the time. I immediately fell in love with him because of his activeness on Instagram and other social media outlets. He even has his own Discord and talks with his fans on it and has a pet that he shares on his Instagram Story.

Song Recommendation: "Say Yes" (feat. unofficialboyy)

Daebak Shop: His music video for the song “Icy Girl” reminds me of the K-Drama, It’s Ok to Not Be Okay. The concept of one person seeking a relationship with another person that is “icy” is the theme for both of these.

5. Hoody: All her songs are so good! This K-R&B artist was the first female artist under Jay Park’s record label AOMG starting in 2015, but she debuted in 2013! I actually made a Zumba dance to her song “Hangang” on Youtube because I was so addicted to this song. In terms of Korean standards, she is considered tall, standing at 5ft 8in. You will see her all around in the K-R&B field with collaborations with popular artists like Jay Park, Gray, Loco, Crush, and more.

Song Recommendation: "Sunshine"

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BONUS: Some runner-up solo K-Pop artists to check out: Jessi, CL, DPR Live, and Sultan from the Disco.

My question to you is, what are your favorite songs? I am always on the hunt for new music. Add them to this playlist and I will listen to them. I also added the songs that I mentioned in this article!

Written by Natalie



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