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Hello Daebak Fam!

Here at The Daebak Company, we love and support BTS and A.R.M.Y, our main topic!

So hopefully, by now, all have heard the newest track released by BTS, #PermissionToDance broke records as well with its catchy chill vibes. The track was described as a song that could be listened to in any season, encouraging listeners to get up and dance without a care.

Once again, they hit the target, the timing is perfect, and all is working in their favor because just so, it happened to be released prior to South Korea’s COVID-19 restrictions being raised to level four. Makes the viewers believe that the message came at the perfect time as the MV shows dancing individuals taking off their masks while dancing to freedom.

In the talk show “A Butterful Getaway with BTS'', the members explained that the song's message is to get up and dance no matter the circumstances of the situation (COVID-19 hardships and isolation). No wonder A.R.M.Y. is head over heels for BTS!

The band has always expressed their genuine love for their fans and always involved them in their future projects. Recently, their fans were treated to the best birthday gift as the fandom turns eight-years-old. In honor of this, BTS released their new single and performed their latest hit songs, “DYNAMITE", "BUTTER" and "PERMISSION TO DANCE” for the NAVER NOW Show. The interesting fact is not that they performed but the concept behind their work.

Ever heard of the term “glamping”? This is a trendy activity that many couples do together in Korea, as seen in recent dramas. Use the hashtag on social media #Glamping and you get up to 3M post of such activity. 

Kim Tan knew better too! <3 


This romantic getaway is a form of camping out in a beautiful setting with the one to express deep feelings to their significant other. Usually, this scenery is out in a forest, in a decorated van with beautiful night lights, food and drinks. It's like camping but more glamorous. In the talk show, we can see this scenery and concept. Allowing the fans to assume BTS intended to take A.R.M.Y. out on a beautiful getaway. Which was indeed beautiful.

If you missed it, watch it NOW:


What a sweet thought from BTS to their beloved A.R.M.Y.!!!!

-Alexa Erazo.




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