Check out South Korea new zombie movie "#Alive"

Check out South Korea new zombie movie

If you are a huge fan of zombie movies like "Train to Busan" and "Kingdom", you should check out the movie "#Alive."

The film ‘#Alive’, directed by Cho ll-Hyung, is a South Korean zombie film released on June 24, 2020. It was released globally via Netflix on Sep. 8, 2020.

The movie is based on the 2019 script “Alone” by Matt Naylor, a Hollywood screenwriter who co-adapted his script with director Cho ll-Hyung. The film revolves around a video game live streamer who struggle to survive alone in his apartment in Seoul during a zombie apocalypse.

Both actors are well known in Hallyu. Yoo Ah In is known for playing diverse roles in televisions and movies, including “Six Flying’Dragons” and the film “Burning.” Park Shin Hye gained recognition for her Korean drama roles, “You’re Beautiful,” “The Heirs,” “Pinocchio,” “Doctors,” and “Memories of Alhambra.”

Both characters play as neighbors who are opposites from each other. Shin Hye’s character is smart and relies on traditional materials, while Yoo Ah In’s character is slow-witted and relies on technology to survive.

Check out the trailer for the movie "#Alive" down below:

The film’s plot is different from the average zombie movie. What makes the film set out from other zombie films is the thrilling storyline. The film #Alive follows Oh Jun-u (Yoo Ah In) and Kim Yu-bun (Park Shin Hye), two neighbors trapped in their separate apartments at the spread of a mysterious virus that causes people to turn into zombies. Left with no access to technology, Jun-u and Yu-bin must figure out a way to stay alive and find a way out to escape the chaos.

#Alive captures the same panic, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and isolation that people experienced during the pandemic’s early quarantine. Being that film’s production started way before the pandemic began is still shocking. People can relate to the movie as we are going through a difficult time together; the only thing to do is stay alive.

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