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An Intro to DPR - The Daebak Company

The music industry's growth made independent companies and artists find their uniqueness through looks, style, and sound, anything you can think of! They create a unique niche for themselves. 

DPR Crew

Dream Perfect Regime, DPR is one of those groups making a mark in the Korean music scene. With their breakout song, "Eung Freestyle," the DPR Members have been thrust into the limelight for their performances, music, and videography.

Dream Perfect Regime’s core members are Hong Da-Bin, Christian Yu, Kim Kyung-Mo, and Scott Kim. 

Hong Da-Bin (DPR Live)

Hong Da-Bin is known best by his stage name, DPR Live. Da-Bin was born in South Korea but grew up mostly in Guam.

His signature opening in many of his songs is Coming To You Live, meant to be a rendition of how radio announcers would start their broadcasts. In 2017, Da-Bin’s debut EP as DPR Live was Coming to You Live, later releasing yet another EP entitled HER that same year.

On March 3, 2020, DPR Live called out for someone with the new album, Is Anybody Out There? The album is an intelligent combination of elements that forms a story that dwells on mental health. His songs in the album take you on a journey through downfall, the reasons behind it, and the elements that enable us to cope with mental health.

Then, in IITE COOL, DPR Live surprises fans with the perfect songs for the summer season. He worked with other K-artists such as Beenzino, Mamamoo's Hwasa, and DPR IAN! The album showcases a mix of carefree vibes and pop-punk. 

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Yu Ba-Rom or Christian Yu (DPR +Ian)

DPR +Ian’s real name is Yu Ba-Rom or Christian Yu. Originally from Australia, Christian is the director and chief editor for the group as well.

His portfolio of music videos outside of DPR includes Mino’s solo debut music video "Body," Bobby’s solo debut M/V "Holup!," BIGBANG Taeyang's M/V "Wake Me Up," and more!

On March 12, 2021, DPR IAN released his Moodswings In This Order album. DPR IAN takes listeners on a journey into heartbreak, emotions, and the darkness within through modern R&B tunes and hip-hop. He also worked with CL and DPR Live on one of his songs on the album: No Blueberries.  

Kim Kyung-Mo (DPR Cream)

Kim Kyung-Mo, also known as DPR Cream, is the main musical producer for the Dream Perfect Regime. Prior to joining, Kyung-Mo was working as a singer and a music producer for the group LAYBACKSOUND with Han-Gyeol and U-Turn.

He has done the production and arrangement of music for most. Recently, he came out with his own single "The Voyager 737," which includes his songs "Color Drive" and "Problems."

Scott Kim (DPR Rem)

New York City native Scott Kim joined the crew and became DPR Rem, working on the show WhatthePineapple with Amber Liu, a member of the girl group f(x). Currently, he is the creative director and executive producer for DPR's work, and he also designs the merchandise.

In 2015, his first project was a song called "Till I Die." There were more of his videos and works online. But it wasn't until "Eung Freestyle," featuring rappers like Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, and Flowsik, that captivated viewers worldwide!

Eung Freestyle showcased DPR's symbolic and idiosyncratic rapping style in South Korea. With captivating backgrounds and dream-like sequences, their music videos continue to attract viewers and fans.  

The EPs Coming to You Live, and Her were just the beginning for the group. Since then, they have been releasing singles, like "Action" featuring GRAY, the tropical sounding "Playlist," and the collaboration between DPR Cream and DPR Live, "Gravity."

It couldn't have better stated it in its mission statement, "Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) is multi-genre music and video group. We create, direct, produce, and edit all types of visual work and curate artists from various musical backgrounds and influences. Based in Seoul, our collective's main focus is to engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experience."

A perfect example of this engagement is best noticed at their live concerts when DPR sings "To Myself," the lyrics repeating, "DPR we gang, gang," a coming together of the group and their fans sing along at the top of their lungs as one.  

The Dream Perfect Regime is a coalition of individual artists who come together to create a new and distinctive musicality and production. They have built a strong and independent label for themselves to show off their diversity in the music industry and continue to wow audiences with unique creative projects. 

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Written by Avery Souders


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