5 Colorful Korean Snacks to Start Off the New Year

5 Colorful Korean Snacks to Start Off the New Year - The Daebak Company

A new year is upon us, and just when you thought you were getting used to writing “2018” on your papers, too. Don’t let this sad realization bring you down. Why not munch on some colorful snacks to get you into that festive New Year’s mood? Here are some snacks that are as colorful as the fireworks that light the night sky on New Year’s Eve:

1) Chupa Chupa Jellies

Not only is the color combination of these gummies aesthetically pleasing, they also come in the shapes of your favorite Kakao Friends! Eight flavored characters? I can’t choose which one to try first. Looks like I have to eat them all at the same time.

2) Jadu Candy

Out of all the apple-flavored candies that I have ever had, I don’t think I have had a more pleasantly flavored one as this. Jadu Candy takes on a sweeter flavored apple such as a Fuji apple rather than a tart one.

3) Chicken Hot Gangjeong

Looking for a snack to bring a bang to the new year? Chicken Hot Gangjeong has you covered with their bite-sized puffed snack. The balance of sweet and spicy is sure to set off fireworks in your mouth. Be careful, though... Once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop!

4) Melona Bar

There is no bar like the Melona bar. This ice cream treat is fruity, creamy, and refreshing. You can have this as a dessert straight out of the freezer or let it melt in a tall glass of soju for a creamy addition, similar to yogurt soju, but better.

5) Purple Sweet Potato Chips

I love anything that has to do with potatoes, but sweet potatoes hold a special place in my heart. Out of all the sweet potato snacks that I have tried, I haven’t seen many purple sweet potato chips. These are a must-try!

Do you have a favorite snack to have on New Year’s Day? What are your wishes for the year of 2019?

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