5 Instant Noodle Flavors To Try

5 Instant Noodle Flavors To Try - The Daebak Company

It’s early morning and hunger strikes once again. You search the kitchen for anything you can snack on before shopping for a meal. You find nothing at all, but don’t fret! Calm your appetite with these five tasty instant noodle flavors to try. These noodles can be easily found at some major stores or your neighborhood Korean market.

Kimchi Ramen

When you’re hungry you may be craving lots of different flavors and tastes. One of these flavors could potentially be of one of the most popular Korean food there is: kimchi. If you’re craving something salty and spicy like kimchi, try Nongshim’s Kimchi Ramyun to fulfill your hunger. It’s got a nice, savory taste that goes well with any side dishes or even all on its own! It’s a great appetizer or even as a full meal! Smile and say kimchi!

Shin Ramyun Black

Sometimes, a craving for meat overpowers anything else. Calm your cravings with this smoky flavor. Up next on our list is Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun Black flavor. It’s a smoky beef flavor with all the delicious taste of anchovy and veggies. It makes a great breakfast full of meaty goodness. Not only will you fall in love with each bite, but you’ll be reaching for a second package almost immediately.

Buldak Bokkeum Myeon

If you’ve heard of the spicy noodle challenge, then you’ve definitely heard of this next flavor. When you’re in the mood for some intensely spicy noodles, your dreams have just come true. Buldakk Bokem Myeon’s HOT Chicken flavor is one that has people raving. With its bold, spicy taste and incredible crispy texture, your palette will be spiced but feel like delicious ramen heaven touched your tongue. You might even want to record yourself attempting the challenge!


If you like jajangmyeon then you’ll love Nongshim’s Chapaghetti. This next one has a savory taste filled with black bean sauce. Mostly known as instant jajangmyeon, Chapaghetti fulfills the cravings you may have for the Korean dish. Fun fact, this is Korea’s first ever instant jajangmyeon ever made! Crack open a bag and share it with your family. You’ll be left smiling with a full, happy stomach.

Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Last but not least we have this cheesy dish full of delicious noodles. Ottogi Cheese Ramen is one that sounds absurd to people that haven’t tried it. If you’ve ever had instant ramen before, you might’ve had the impulse to add a slice of cheese to it. Maybe you thought it was crazy or simply outrageous to do so, but once you try it, you can’t deny it! Cheese ramen is a flavor you can’t get out of your mouth because it’s just so tasty! Now, thanks to Ottogi, we have a simply delicious cheese ramen for all of the cheese lovers around the world! Share a bowl or two with your fellow friends. Happy snacking!

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Written by Rebeca A.

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