5 SnackFever Unboxings That Show What We Have To Offer!

5 SnackFever Unboxings That Show What We Have To Offer! | The Daebak Company

The one question everyone will have about a monthly subscription box is “Well? What should I expect in mine?” And the answer is… you shouldn’t.

The great thing about SnackFever’s subscription box is that there is always something new, but we also bring back beloved Korean snacks. Want to know what you could get in yours once you subscribe? Check out these 5 awesome unboxings to find out the possibilities!

To start this list, we have an oldie but a goody! Our friend JRE did an unboxing in 2016 that definitely captures how we feel when we get our boxes in the mail. JRE was lucky enough to get our YG-themed box that came with some merch and a whole lot of enjoyable snacks that offer a variety of flavors!

Thanks to The First Bite, we are able to see the pros of opening a box with friends, but also the cons. The pro is that it is much more exciting to have friends who want to share and unbox snacks with you; but the con is that you better be fast to call dibs or you’ll be losing out on some amazing snacks!

Since our start in Los Angeles, we have slowly been gaining fans from all over. Cindywii, originally from Ecuador, was living in Canada and managed to get her hands on a SnackFever box to create this sweet unboxing video, in which her true love for Korean snacks came out.

SnackFever is not only great for adults, but kids as well! The Tran Twins show us that we are never too young to start a Youtube channel and film unboxings. These two girls do an amazing job at showing what you can get in your box, and also have the most adorable reactions.

From the beginning of our company to now, we have given our boxes some redesigning, but we are glad to hear that fans, like CoffeeATmyhouse, still love our boxes and what we provide in them. CoffeeATmyhouse provides a thoughtful and honest insight in her deluxe unboxing of one of our boxes from this year.

Although we started selling from America, we have slowly gained a larger audience. The SnackFever Fam can now be found all over the world! We love to seeing your shared Instagram photos and YouTube unboxing videos, since it allows us to see what you guys think about what we can offer.

What was one of your favorite or most memorable boxes you have gotten from us?

Leave a comment below, and be sure to post photos and videos of your unboxings! Also, why not grab yourself a box?

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