7 Underrated Stray Kids Songs That Need More Hype

7 Underrated Stray Kids Songs That Need More Hype

Stray Kids (SKZ) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under JYP Entertainment on March 25, 2018. They came together as a result of the 2017 reality show and released their mini-album, I am NOT, in the same year.

Although they're doing well in the industry with songs such as God's Menu and Miroh, there are still Stray Kids songs that don't get enough hype, as if almost criminally underrated. This article by The Daebak Company exists to spotlight these hidden gems for both new and old STAYs. Don't miss out!

7 Underrated Stray Kids Songs to Listen To

1. 3rd Eye - I am NOT (2018), SKZ2021 (2021)

A dreamy song called 3rd Eye by Stray Kids—it's like a misty blend of R&B music. The vocals in the song are like soft whispers and robotic-sounding raps, making you feel like you're in a dream. The song wants you to think about seeing the world differently, like opening a magical extra set of eyes.

As you listen, you'll hear parts where the singing breaks off, and the drums mimic the beating of a heart. The music is like a gentle sparkle in a vast space.

While 3rd Eye might not be as bold or loud as some of Stray Kids' other experimental songs, the group is on a musical adventure, exploring new things and different sounds. It's like Stray Kids at their most curious and creative!

2. STOP - Clé : LEVANTER (2019)

Stray Kids' 2019 album, Clé 2: Yellow Wood, features an extended version of a song named 'Stop'. This track showcases the group's transformation into EDM (electronic dance music) superheroes, offering a unique and energetic sound that definitely deserves a listen!

This song is like a musical anthem that makes you wanna dance and shake off all the stress from your day, week, or even the entire month. It's like a magic potion for surviving this whole human experience!

Stray Kids has this incredible talent for EDM, and Stop perfectly showcases that. It's like their secret weapon that not everyone talks about enough. So, next time you need a break or just wanna have some fun, hit play on Stop and let the EDM magic take over!

3. HEYDAY - Street Man Fighter soundtrack (2022)

HEYDAY, a dance track created by the amazing Czaer for the super competitive dance show Street Man Fighter! 3RACHA – Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han – were the three musical wizards who performed the song, adding their exceptional touch.

HEYDAY kicks off at lightning speed in no time. It's like a wild ride filled with keyboard smashes, the sweet sound of payday cha-chings, and effects that'll keep you on your toes. The trio's dynamic delivery of intense verses and raps turns the song into a musical rollercoaster, hurtling towards an epic and intense finale.

Many fans were impressed by 3racha's rapping. In particular, the ending is intense and makes the song incredibly addictive. Its brevity works in its favor, preventing the strong beat from becoming overwhelming. This banger is a great addition to any STAY looking to spice up their playlist.

4. SUPER BOARD - Maxident (2022)

Stray Kids' upbeat track ‘Super Board’ deserves some appreciation for its fast tempo. The band takes a break from their usual serious tone on their Maxident album, as evidenced by the surprisingly romantic lead single Case 143. Super Board is here to make sure you're anything but bored!

Jump on the groovy train because Super Board is fueled by bold beats that'll make your heart race. It's like a mix of old-school rap and rock, wrapped up in exciting exclamations and cheers that'll have you joining in the fun. So, if you're up for a musical joyride, hit play on Super Board and let Stray Kids turn your day into a party!

5. Chronosaurus - Clé 1: MIROH (2019)

Stray Kids rocking out on a song called ‘Chronosaurus’ that takes you on a thrilling journey through the ticking clock of life. The music is like a spooky roller coaster, starting with subtle twists and turns before blasting into an epic anthem about time slipping away.

Just when you think it's calming down, bam! It roars back to life, like a wild beast of time getting closer and closer. Buckle up for a musical adventure that'll have you feeling the rush of time in every beat! 

6. School Life - Mixtape (2018)

As Stray Kids kicked off their first album, they were literally living up to their name – a bunch of youngsters, some still rocking school life. School Life vibes with the hope that school gets less snooze-worthy, and guess what? It totally did after they rocked the K-pop scene.

Even though their sound might not be exactly where it is now, you can see their musical experiments in the second-to-last bridge – silence shattered by synths, gentle keys, breezy vibes, and echoing ad-libs. It's a blast to rewind and remember when they were just a bunch of kids starting out. 

7. Grow Up - I am NOT (2018)

Grow Up is a super chill hip-hop jam – it's like a musical hug filled with positive vibes and feel-good wisdom. Picture this: catchy one-liners, heartwarming raps, and whistle-worthy melodies all coming together in a magical musical potion. 

The Korean title? It's like a cheerleader shouting, "You're Doing Great!" So, when life gets bumpy, this song is like a sweet dose of motivation to lift your spirits!

In a nutshell, Stray Kids' lesser-known songs are like hidden treasures packed with fantastic music and deep feelings that usually don't get the attention they deserve. Looking closer at these hidden gems, you'll discover different musical styles and see how Stray Kids goes beyond the usual K-pop vibes.

Do you have any other songs in mind that you believe everyone should be aware of? Also, which STRAY KIDS track holds the top spot in your favorites? Don't miss out on the chance to grab the newest K-pop albums and official STRAYKIDS merchandise from our store at The Daebak Company – your go-to destination for all things K-pop!

What is Stray Kids' biggest song?

Their EP "Oddinary" in March 2022 was a big hit. It even reached the top of the Billboard 200, a list of all kinds of music, not just K-pop. Stray Kids joined BTS and Super M as one of the only three K-pop groups to achieve this.

What is the hardest Stray Kids song?

Stray Kids have revealed that their most physically demanding song is 'District 9'. The choreography for this track involves a significant amount of jumping and dynamic movements, making it an intense and exhausting dance routine. This high-energy performance showcases the members' endurance and dedication to delivering an unforgettable stage presence.

What was Stray Kids' first hit?

Their first studio album, Go Live, came out in 2020 and achieved platinum certification from the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA), marking it their first album to receive this recognition.

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