10 Healthy Korean Snacks to Help You Get through Your Diet

10 Healthy Korean Snacks to Help You Get through Your Diet - The Daebak Company

The shorts and flip-flops come out of our closets as the sunny weather approaches. The diet season stops us from eating the usual sweet and salty Korean snacks that take up a lot of room in our kitchen. How can you stop eating them when they are so readily available? Well, you don’t—at least not all of them.

Korean food has a wide variety of food types, and there are many delicious and healthy Korean snacks to have during your diet. In fact, if consumed in moderation and correctly, they could benefit your diet results.

Here is a list of 10 best healthy Korean snacks to not ruin your diet:

Kim Nori (Crispy Seaweed)

Crispy seaweed is one of the healthiest and most accessible snacks, considering it has become a trend in many western diets (such as the Paleo diet). Not only is it rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but it is also delicious. 

Although the usual packet is the roasted and salted seaweed, it comes in many exciting flavors—from chili or wasabi to green tea or teriyaki—making it harder to get bored. Next time you are grocery shopping, grab a couple of packets when you are craving a taste of Korea!

Ojingeochae Muchim (Spicy Dried Squid)

Korean cuisine is very well known for its many spicy dishes, so is it really a surprise that one of the most popular snacks is fiery? Ojingeochae muchim is essentially dried squid that has been quickly boiled in gochujang (red chili pepper paste) and ready to serve

It may not be the easiest snack on the go, but it goes well with any meal or as a small but filling snack when feeling peckish and is an excellent source of protein! You can also get this as your post workout Korean snack!

Yeongeum Jorim (Lotus Root Chips)

Like dried seaweed snacks but less sea-flavored, these lotus root chips are high in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Usually cooked in soy sauce and corn syrup, the final result is a delicate balance between sweet and savory, with the perfect level of crunch. Not only this, but it is incredibly easy (and cheap!) to make.

Fruit Teas

The locals love tea, and nowadays, people lean on cold fruit teas to get a refreshing feeling during sunny weather! Fruit teas are often sweet, and people tend to think they are just filled with sugar. But take Korean fruit teas on another level. 

If you prefer hot teas, go for a good Omija Cha (Magnolia Berry Tea)! You can get it in sweet or spicy varieties. But if you're craving a cold, sweet, and healthy drink, you can always go for Teazen Kombucha! The Lemon flavor is BTS Jung Kook's favorite. It has over 10 types of lactobacillus and prebiotics which improve your gut health!

Biteu Jeonggwa (Beetroot Confection)

Jeonggwa is a traditional Korean snack, and common recipes use ginger, lotus, carrots, apricots, bamboo shoots, or winter melon. However, using beetroot for this Korean food is not as sweet, making it healthier and containing fewer calories. Many beetroot recipes contain lemon juice, so the mixture between the sweet earthy beetroot and an element of citrus acidity.

Yul-Lan (Chestnut Cookies)

Although a seasonal snack, these chestnut cookies are one of the most exciting parts of fall. They are virtually just crushed chestnuts with a bit of cinnamon and honey to give them that extra autumnal touch. They are very rich in protein and incredibly filling, so one of these cookies, when you are hungry, is enough to keep you going for a few hours at least.

Goguma-mallaengi (Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips)

Sweet potatoes are adored in Korea, and many recipes include them as an ingredient. When the rice was scarce in Korea, many people used sweet potatoes as a replacement, which eventually stuck. This snack is just dried sweet potato, and because of the fantastic flavor of the tuberous root, there is no need to add any flavors or ingredients. 

It includes a good dosage of vitamin C and D, as well as potassium, and it is easy to pack and take with you if you are in a hurry (or are expecting a long day at work). You simply cannot go wrong with this snack.

How do a combination of wheat and roasted sweet potatoes sound to you? You can get the health benefits from sweet potatoes and peanuts all in one Jeju Wellbeing Udo Peanut Roll! Oil is one of the ingredients you want to have a little or nothing to do with your healthy snack, and this one does not have any.

Tteokbokki (Rice Cake)

Although not so convenient to take out with you in a rush, rice cakes have become so popular in South Korea and internationally that the recipe variations are virtually unlimited. Whether you have it as a side dish in your meal or buy it in one of the many food trucks around the Korean streets, this snack will not let you down. It is filling, and the texture is excellent and easy to make.


You might have seen your favorite Kpop idols and Korean artists drinking Yakult and other yogurt drinks in their videos, and you can't help but want to get a taste of that too! You can find convenience stores all over South Korea selling different kinds and flavors of yogurt drinks. The Daebak Company also sells variations of yogurt drinks, snacks, and other Kpop goods!

According to yogurt eating frequency South Korea 2021 statistics, 13.5 percent of respondents consume yogurt drinks twice per week! It is one of the healthiest Korean snacks filled with types of Lactobacillus that will definitely improve your gut health. 

Like making yogurt at home? There's nothing wrong with that! In fact, that is much better as you can make yogurt that suits your taste. So start with getting the best Yogurt Maker straight from South Korea. Make a drink or even level up your breakfast or healthy Korean snacks at home!

Gyeran Bbang (Korean Egg Bread)

Korean egg bread is the king of street food in South Korea, as it is easy to bulk-make outside. The recipe variations are also so wide that each vendor has their signature recipe. The base is made of dough and egg.

Then other ingredients can be added depending on people's tastes—bacon, herbs, cheese, tomato sauce… There are endless possibilities! Although it is possible to make this at home, buying them from the streets is an experience that must be lived.

That concludes the list of Korean snacks that will not ruin your diet! They're cheap and easy to make, and it's tough to get tired of them. The best part is that they each have many variations—spicy, sweet, savory, or a mixture of all! 

But if you are in for some Korean snack surprises, Kpop goods, and other authentic products, get yourself a Daebak Box or Snack Fever Box at The Daebak Company today! You can also add to cart all your favorite snacks to have your own healthy Korean snacks box at home! 

Which of these sounds the most appetizing? Which snacks have you already tried? Let us know in the comments below.

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