BTS are smooth like ‘Butter’ in their new hit single!

BTS are smooth like ‘Butter’ in their new hit single!

Cover Photo: bts.bighitofficial instagram feed

Where my ARMY at?? BTS have yet again put their ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ into their work and produced ‘Dynamite’ results with their ‘Dope’ new single ‘Butter’, released on Friday the 21st of May. And it’s AMAZING!

 Where do I begin? The concepts, the dance, the outfits, THE HAIR! Even with all those teaser pics and clips, none of us could have prepared ourselves for what was to come.

Similarly to their chart topping single ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’ is another full-English song set for world domination. Although the song was not originally planned, the single was created to provide positive influence in these uneasy times, as explained by RM:  

“We never actually expected that we were going to release another single, but the virus is getting longer and longer so we thought we need another summer song. We thought we needed another summer number, and Butter was perfectly fit for that. And now we’re here.”

And thank goodness for that!

 It should also be noted that this single is a fun, upbeat anthem rather than their usual deep and meaningful messages, as told by Jimin:

“We tried to prepare a song that’s easy listening. Rather than a profound or heavy message, it may be a bit embarrassing, but it’s smooth like Butter. It will melt into you … It’s cute and charismatic, we tried to imbue these kind of feelings into the song.”

Now just how many people needed that summer number you ask? Well, with a record breaking 3.89 million viewers watching the live launch of the song, reaching 10 million views within 13 mins, and 20 million within 54 mins of its release, I’m guessing quite a few…  


 Anyways, enough with the numbers, let’s talk visuals!

The MV is filled with stunning concepts, all of which hold such a contrast and similarity at the same time. In case you missed any (and I’m sure you didn’t after watching the MV 300 times) here's the MV and some of it's highlights:



All images credit: HYBE Labels- YouTube

The black and white filter, mugshots, chic red and purple set, elevator dancing, retro gym, yellow house, and literally spelling ARMY with their bodies, WE GOT IT ALL! And don’t even get me started on their outfits and hair….

As previously stated by RM, this is a summer hit, and after listening to its sharp disco sounding verses, smooth (like butter) bridge, up-beat catchy chorus, and captivating rap, it won’t be surprising if this turns out to be THE song we ‘side step, right, left’ into SUMMER’ 21 with.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the song and which theme in the MV was your favourite? I personally lost it when I saw RM dancing in the lift!

Get it, LET IT ROLL!

-Lara Unternahrer

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