BTS prove they are 'The Best' with their new Japanese single 'Film Out'

BTS prove they are 'The Best' with their new Japanese single 'Film Out' - The Daebak Company

YAY! It’s that time again Daebak Fam! BTS have dropped a single for their Japanese-language compilation album, 'BTS, the Best', and the music video is nothing less than what can be expected from some of the top selling artists in the world.

Now, if you are a passionate ARMY and follow the entire BTS alternative universe storyline, firstly, congrats, you are some sort of rocket scientist, secondly, this MV is for you. If you haven’t already seen it then check out the MV below before we get into the details! We don’t want to spoil anything (Although seeing it may not give you many answers either).

I know, it takes some time to fully appreciate what you just saw. I’ll give you a few extra minutes to re-watch it a couple more times. 
  Chef’s kiss

Now, let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room, and no, I’m not talking about the fact that they are staying in a house that seems to be floating in the clouds… I’m talking about the new ‘Big Hit’ music label. Despite how sleek and modern this new logo looks; nothing beats the nostalgic bop of the ‘i’ to signify the start of their old  MVs. Anyone else agree?


Okay, now let’s talk about the house floating in mid-air thing. Answers… I NEED ANSWERS! Well, for whatever reason, that combine with the calm melodies of the vocal line, overexposed lighting, and puffy clouds soaring in the background, there really isn’t anything to complain about. And let’s not forget the literal chills we all got when the lights on V faded out and the members joined in to harmonise for the bridge, leading the way for RM to do his thing.  Just WOW...

Also, side note, does anyone know the number of their interior designer? I’m kind of digging the woodworks and unsettling about of lights and lamps in their lounge room. No? Moving on…

But honestly guys, this MV has everything in it: SUGA and J-Hope casually sitting in the desert on either side of a single door fame, a floating house that happens to EXPLODE and turns everything yellow and red, Jin opening a door to find himself on a rock, thousands of KM above the ground, surrounded by soaring winds and countless other doors. Literally everything in the MV scream major alternative storyline vibes. 

Not to mention while all of this is going on, the lyrics are so heartfelt and tragic. Here is a snippet from the chorus to show you what I mean:

"From all the memories stored in my heart
I gather up the ones of you, link them together
Gazing at them projected across the room
I feel you with every burst of pain"

What makes this even more insane is the fact that these lyrics were written by Jungkook himself! The golden talent machine strikes again! 

In the end, the MV closes with V holding out his hand as the camera slowly reverses away, and don’t lie, we all reached back to him.

So now that we have discussed what is in the MV, can someone please explain it? Is Jin a time traveller and knows about some horrible future in store for the other members? Are the doors portals to alternative worlds? Is V the only one that survived the explosion? Please let us know your theories in the comments below.  Because trying to figure out this MV is honestly so J-Hopeless (Don’t hate me).



 - Lara Unternahrer

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