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Camp Food: Korean Style - The Daebak Company

You may have gone on a few camping trips, but have you ever tried camping Korean style? It’s like regular camping, but with a ton of delicious food that can send you off into a food coma under the stars. Here are just a few food items that make up a Korean style camping trip:

Korean Camping Stews

Something that stood out to me in Korean camping trips is the preparation of soups and stews. Sure, you can quickly cook up a packet of ramyeon with ease, but preparing a hearty soup or stew brings in a homely atmosphere. While some enjoy soft tofu soup or army stew, Youtube chef, Maangchi, reminisces about making kimchi and mackerel stew on her camping trips when she was attending university in Seoul.

Instant Bibimbap

I don’t know about you, but without a rice cooker, I would be lost. Cooking rice in a pot over the stove can be nerve-wracking. Open the lid too soon, you’ve got undercooked rice. Open the lid too late, you’ve got mush. Doori Doori offers instant bibimbap to suit your rice making needs. This instant bibimbap is considered a meal ready to eat (MRE). Just add water, close the packet to let the rice cook, add your seasonings, mix, and then your bibimbap is ready to eat.

Roasted Sweet Potato

Every time I make a trip to the Korean market, there is a stand that sells roasted sweet potatoes. Just the smell of the roasting sweet potatoes leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Imagine yourself in front of a campfire, sinking your teeth into a sweet, creamy, and piping hot roasted sweet potato while sitting under the cold night sky. Eat it plain or with a slice of refreshing kimchi on top. This low-calorie snack will surely make you feel wholesome.

Choco Pie

 Are you craving s’mores for your camping trip, but don’t want to invest in all the ingredients? Substitute it with the famous Korean snack - the Choco pie! Not only will you get your chocolate and marshmallow fix, but you also don’t have to worry about the many opening packages that you’re left with when making s’mores.

If you were planning a Korean camping trip, what Korean food and snacks would you bring?

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