When is your order shipping? All of your items will be shipped together in one shipment. Some orders may be shipped via cargo shipping depending on your shipping selection or availability. If your order has not yet shipped, here are some possible reasons for the delay on your order!


Processing would start after the release date. However, if your order has not shipped 30 days after the release date, there possibly is delay on the production of the other merchandise due to high-demand but low production. This is usually a common case for high-demand merch coming from companies or any other agencies that produce high-demand merch as they usually are in contact with 1-2 manufacturers. The manufacturers as well are also wary about not over-producing (which happens a lot, hence we are able to do mystery boxes because of overproduction meaning they need to dispose of it and sell it at an even lower price than production costs). However, the team already has secured stocks for it so rest assured once we receive it, we will have it shipped asap.


The Mystery Boxes and One-Time Boxes we offer on the site does have a processing time that may take up to 60 days before shipping. This is stated in the product description. The boxes will be shipped all together in one shipment. We might not be able to guarantee speedy shipping on these boxes but what we can assure you is the contents will be worth every dollar you spend.


The team is still waiting for the Limited Edition Album/Merch. There is possibly a delay on the production of the limited edition (as quantities are limited, but demand is high).This is usually a common case for limited editions coming from companies or any other agencies that produce limited-time merch as they want to maintain exclusivity and value of these goodies. Need not to worry, the team already has secured stocks for it.


Our brand partners may take some time to deliver their goodies to our office. Reason behind this delay is that for these branded items, prices we offer are even lower than their official SRP - as part of our partnership with the brand and their priority are those who have it above the SRP. An example of this is NACIFIC’s Hand Butter Cream. In NACIFIC’s Official AU website, this is sold for $85USD, however with us, it is almost half the price for only $55USD. Though, need not to worry, as soon as we receive the stocks promised we will have it shipped as soon as possible.


The tracking number is a pre-generated label we printed here in Seoul. Since this is shipped via cargo shipping in bulk shipment, it doesn't have a tracking number from South Korea to the United States hence there is no update until it has been cleared by customs and our partnered facility will start sorting it. Once it has been scanned in with our logistics partner, the tracking number would then have an update but based on experience doing so would only take less than a week. Once there's a movement in the tracking, you should receive it in no time.


We hope this information further helps you! In any case you need help, feel free to contact us via the website's contact form or send us an email at hello@daebak.co or DM us on our social media platforms.

Stay safe and awesome, fam!