Early Summer⛱️

Spring is about to end, and in just a few days, summer will ignite our hunger for outdoor activities, beach escapades, travel, or maybe just hanging out with your friends, family, and pets at home! The searing heat may stop us from having a good time this summer. So we put together the best travel, home, and beach items for Summer Essentials, Trip to Busan Collection, and Summer Pet Goodies! We also prepared our Summer Box to offer our new and long-time members the best surprises this season. Are you preparing for your summer trip to South Korea or any destinations worldwide? Create beautiful memories this summer with these curated items!

Summer Box


Summer Essentials

The best way to enjoy summer is to visit the beach, go on a road trip, and let your feet take you anywhere, but don't let the heat ruin any planned activities! We put together the best items to upgrade your outdoor and indoor experience and create beautiful memories this season.

Trip to Busan Collection

When you ask locals in South Korea about their recommended summer destination, most will recommend going on a trip to Busan! Don't miss out on the perfect items to make your visit memorable with our Trip to Busan Collection. We got you covered for your Busan summer itinerary and activities, from goodies to essential beach items!

Summer pet goodies

Besides the long vacation and fabulous destinations, summer is also notable for extreme heat, and your pets need extra care and even outfits during this season. Complete your pet items to enjoy your time with them indoors and outdoors with our collection of summer pet goodies curated for pet parents and lovers like you!

Summer Jewelry Collection

No need to compromise on a simple outfit this season with our summer jewelry collection! Get anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with gems or minimalist designs. Whether individual, pair, or set jewelry, you will surely add elegance and upgrade your look this season with the items we collected for you!