Lotte World: A Haven Full of Food and Fun

Lotte World: A Haven Full of Food and Fun - The Daebak Company

You may recognize the name “Lotte” while eating your favorite snack foods and beverages. Some fan-favorite Lotte snacks are Choco Pie, Pepero, Yogurt Jelly, and Milkis. The success of the Lotte products led the company to open up its indoor theme park. The property has a couple of sections: Lotte World Adventure, the indoor park, and Lotte World Magic Island, the outdoor park. Lotte World is named one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. Seeing how popular Lotte’s food products are, it only makes sense that they would offer a wide variety of food options in their massive indoor theme park.

Like most theme parks, Lotte World celebrates the holidays with tons of decorations and food recreations. Lotte World gets into the Halloween festivities by shaping rice into coffins, serving drinks in skull mugs, and making fried eggs to look like skulls.

Each theme park features its own rendition of quick snacks such as churros and popcorn, but in Lotte World, most people fall in love with the cotton candy. Not only is the smooth, cloud-like appearance admirable, it also comes in the shape of a bear or bunny head. As if the two adorable shapes weren’t enough, you can also customize the colors of your cotton candy friend.

Don’t you hate it when you are walking around with a snack in one hand and a drink in the other and you just run out of hands to do other things? Not to worry! Colpop BHC Chicken understands your struggle and created a two-in-one system where you still have your choice of drink in the cup, but above the drink, there is a little tray nested into the cup to store your bite-sized chicken nuggets. There is even a little opening on the side of the tray to insert the straw. Colpop BHC Chicken certainly is convenience at its finest.

Walking around a theme park all day can quickly become tiring. Lotte World’s Ice Factory has the perfect snack to revive your energy. Ice Factory has ice cream popsicles made from natural ingredients and skim milk. These ice cream popsicles come in many shapes such as a rose, chocolate bar, and their raccoon mascot named Lotty.

Lotte World shows that theme park food does not have to be just simple fast food. At Lotty Lorry Garden, you can get their omurice with a smoked chicken leg. Omurice is a Japanese dish whose name is short for omelet rice. This savory dish is challenging to make because of how the scrambled egg wraps around the rice, creating a neat, little package of rice. The careful techniques that are required to make omurice prove that Lotte World has more to offer than just fast food.

Lake Cafe (School Food) is a snack bar that carries unique but familiar dishes. While Lake Cafe offers snacks such as bibimbap and ramyeon, the dish that offers the best value features a variety of snack food all on one plate. In this dish, you get tteokbokki, kimbap, fried mandu, gimali, and hard-boiled eggs. With one dish, you can stop cravings for sweet, savory, and spicy food.

Lotte World attendees are not just limited to food from only one park. At Lotte World Adventure, Bowl offers a menu consisting of traditional Korean items such as chestnut berry bibimbap, spicy pork, tofu mushroom soup, and banchan. Bowl offers the taste of a home-cooked meal in a busy theme park setting.  

For one of the largest theme parks in the world, Lotte World offers a wide variety of food options that are not limited to just simple fast food. Lotte World knows how to elevate even the most common theme park snacks like cotton candy and ice cream popsicles. What is your favorite dish that you have had at a theme park?

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