Turtle Chip Choco Churros Flavor (3ea) - Daebak
Turtle Chip Choco Churros Flavor (3ea) - Daebak

Turtle Chip Choco Churros Flavor (3ea)

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Four layers of sweet chocolate with a thick layer!

✓ The sweetness conveyed chip by chip by the dark chocolate. The sweet taste of each chip with dark chocolate is completed with a sugar topping!
✓ A delightful meeting of four cups of crispness and pleasant sweetness! When you need a change of mood in your daily life, it's a quick dang-dang battle!
✓ It goes perfectly with milk and Americano!

What's Inside

  • Component: (3) Turtle Chip Choco Churros Flavor
    *You will receive either the turtle version or the one with Brave Girls' Yujeong.
  • Size/Capacity: 80g each
  • Ingredients: 
    Flour (USA), Daije Chocolate [White Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Malaysia), Cocoa Preparation (France), Cocoa Mass, Chocolate Crumb], Churros Flavor Seasoning [White Sugar, Bread Flour (Wheat, US, Canada), Glucose, Cocoa powder (Netherlands), processed salt], vegetable oil 1, cocoa powder 1, bread crumbs, white sugar, cocoa powder 2, salt, vegetable oil 2, processed grain products
    *Contains wheat, milk, and soy

 Kkobuk Chip Choco Churros Flavor

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