5 K-Dramas for The Winter Time

5 K-Dramas for The Winter Time - The Daebak Company

With the colder seasons coming around, it’s that time of the year to watch a nice chill K-Drama. So, I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite K-Dramas perfect for the wintertime. These dramas either can bring you warmth or have a colder vibe to them. Regardless, the slower pace of each one will be perfect along with a cup of tea and the sound of rain against the window.

1: Touch Your Heart


One thing about K-Dramas is that I cannot watch ones where romance is the only thing carrying the storyline -- there have to be other things. Touch Your Heart is a drama that lacks a bit of sustenance, but is still such a great drama. It’s an office rom-com where the female lead is also a celeb -- so the drama has a good mix of celebrity aspects, but also your typical office quirks. It is very romance-heavy, but I think that the wholesomeness of the romance, along with some great humor, makes this light-hearted drama really easy to watch. It makes my heart warm <3

2: When The Weather is Fine


One of my all-time favorite dramas. For some, this drama could be kind of slow but it is "the" perfect winter drama. Not only does it take place during the winter, but it really just captures the small daily events in each character’s life. The characters tackle different personal issues throughout the series. I like how we get to really know the side characters even though they are just side charcters. They each have their own storyline. This drama is one of my favorite slice of life dramas that tackles really interesting life problems.  

3: Romance is a Bonus Book


This drama was just really cute and another slower drama. However, unlike Touch Your Heart, the storyline also includes more interesting side characters, workplace drama, and major main character development. What I really love about this drama is that the romance comes very naturally to the storyline and if anything, feels like a second thought to the main character’s development. Very cute, chill, and enjoyable to watch.

4: Something in The Rain


The filming style of this drama is so iconic and very different from many other dramas I’ve seen. As you can see from the previous three dramas, I really love slower dramas and I think this one really allows you to take the time to appreciate romance’s development. The filming style is really what makes the drama stick out as a great winter drama. I really loved the main leads as well and the tackling of personal issues that the characters went through.

5: Lovestruck in The City


I really loved this drama because it had a really different approach to the character’s romance storyline. It has the summer-y aspect where a portion of the drama does take place in a cute little beach city, but the city vibes in the rest of the drama made the drama just feel colder. The main leads leave their small beach city and return to the realities of working, city life, and dealing with the remnants of a failed relationship left at the beach. The contrast between beach and city make the drama just feel colder -- and perfect for winter.

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